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Amman - Abdoun

south abdoun - salman al qudah st. - building 12 - first floor
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Reviews (7)

  • Review Travel One by Hana
    236 Reviews |  7 years ago
    they planned my honeymoon and nothing went wrong everyth was according to tge plan and even turned out to be better .. they booked us in the best hotels they were very elite hotels. they chose the best flights for us and with the best prices . they booked for us the transportation . travel one team sent us a very delicious chocolate box to the hotel where our wedding was . very nice and generous of them thank u travel one for making us enjoy the honeymoon without stressing about the details. i recommend them , they never lie
  • Review Travel One by Dana
    1 Reviews |  7 years ago
    تعاملهم رااااائع وجديرين بالثقه
  • Review Travel One by Sara
    17 Reviews |  8 years ago
    Love Love Love! Great service, friendly people. Used them for my honeymoon package. They made sure to offer a once in a lifetime experience based on the budget which we had set. they sent a chocolate plate to our wedding ceremony and from then on, we only experienced the best. Even their agents across the world are attentive and helpful. There was a mistake on one of our pickups and as soon as we had called the agent, he himself came to pick us up and make sure that we arrive to our destination safely. Would definitely use them again!
  • Review Travel One by Mais
    121 Reviews |  9 years ago
    مضمون، التعامل معهم سهل و الموظفين كتير لطيفين و بعطوا الواحد كميل المعلومات و خيارات مختلفه.
    بنصح فيهم، لأنو الواحد لما يسافر ع محل برى لزم يكون ضامن إنو ما راح يتأسفن و ترفل ون مضمونين.
  • Review Travel One by Raed
    30 Reviews |  9 years ago
    كتب هوليدي من احسن المكاتب الموجودة وأسعارهم كتيير مشجعة ومااافي عندهم لف ودوران مثل الشركات التانية اللي بتلغي او بتأجل الرحلات.. وبرامجهم بالرحلات كتيير حلوة انااا جربتهم برحلة لبنان كاانت من أروع مااا يكون ...
  • Review Travel One by مها
    68 Reviews |  9 years ago
    ترفل ون صراحة كتيير منظم و متميز الموظفين رائعين و الخدمة ممتازة ،، اسعاره انسب شي و ارخص من غيره و بيئمنلك كل شي ،،
  • Review Travel One by
    5 Reviews |  10 years ago
    محل رائع ويتسم بالمصداقية والتعاون مع الزبون، بالفعل الزبون أولاً عندهم وموظفينهم كتير متعاونين.
    رحلاتهم جديرة بالثقة ومتابعتهم للعميل رائعة، وأسعارهم أرخص من غيرهم ببعض الرحلات.