The Souq Central Market
The Souq Central Market
Review The Souq Central Market by Elham
10 Reviews |  5 years ago
امول تبتلت ع. تنص تقولين تنسين

Abu Dhabi - Hamdan Bin Mohamed Street

hamdan street
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  • Review The Souq Central Market by Lima
    2 Reviews |  4 years ago
    السوق كئيب، وين ايام السوق القديم كان جميل و شعبي و الاقبال عليه اكثر بكثير من هذا السوق الجديد. التصميم كئيب و الاجواء كئيبة. عموما هو وسط، لكن بالطبع ليس المكان الذي ساعود لزيارته.
  • Review The Souq Central Market by Elham
    10 Reviews |  5 years ago
    مول راقي وهادي ويحتوي ماركات راقيه وجميله
  • Review The Souq Central Market by Elham
    10 Reviews |  5 years ago
    امول تبتلت ع. تنص تقولين تنسين
  • Review The Souq Central Market by Aneela
    5 Reviews |  9 years ago
    best dates are here.Ambling through traditional food markets at a leisurely pace is a favourite travel pastime. In Dubai, you do it out of necessity. The covered souk provides some shelter from the sun but not from the sweltering heat that inevitably slows you down.
  • Review The Souq Central Market by Ghassan
    7 Reviews |  9 years ago
    I'm relatively new to Abu Dhabi and I visited the Central Market two times so far. From outside I was impressed by the Architecture and type of building. The amount of wood used in the building is just impressive (and made me just wondering about how many trees they had use to make all this!). The overall ambiance of the market gave the impression of a traditional yet modern souq, but what annoys me is that I keep getting lost when trying to find a specific place inside it, the interior features a central lobby where you are surrounded by shops and restaurants but when you try to find a location in one of the aisles and corridors then it's a big mess. The architects did not do a good job distributing the elevators/escalators system as well.
    But in general it's a place where I can visit again.
  • Review The Souq Central Market by Mais
    29 Reviews |  9 years ago
    I like it! I'm not gonna be sentimental about the old, hot, smelly souq. No, sir, no sympathy votes from me.
    The stores that are opening are promising so far. Like a mall, but with a more traditional touch, from the merchandise to the strange and intricate architecture. Great cafes, too. Aces for an evening of relaxation.
  • Review The Souq Central Market by Hana
    34 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Well, it's nothing like the old Souq, but I'm not about to start the comparisons, because it was obviously built to be an entirely different place.
    It's nice and appeals to tourists, but it's more of a place to go for coffee than some serious shopping. Hopefully when the stores all open it'll be a different story. It does have kind of a mall-but-not-a-mall feel to it, which is interesting to say the least.
  • Review The Souq Central Market by Ahmad
    32 Reviews |  10 years ago
    Is it just me or does this new place just pale in comparison to the old vibrant sha3bi souq of old abu dhabi? I miss all the colours and sounds and haggling and bargains and and and the list goes on!
    This place is just kind of…lifeless. Most of it is still empty and it’s now a select few pricey stores…much like any mall, just with a higher concentration of ‘local’ flavor goods – made in india for the tourists of course. All set in a boring brown building. Verdict: Fail.