The Paino Room
The Paino Room

Amman - Airport Highway

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Reviews (8)

  • Review The Paino Room by Ahmad
    1 Reviews |  8 years ago
    Classes Miss Rasha gives are full of energy, fun, passion, and great knowledge, where all students feel the positive energy -that is in every corner of the studio- which reflects on their love to piano and the way they excel in performing. Her attention to details, patience, and determination to ensure that all students perform the right way no matter what it takes leads to an outstanding performance by the students. Also, the ease of dealing with her, flexibility, and continuous follow up from her side on classes times and exams makes it a hassle-free experience. In a nutshell, Miss Rasha is a perfect comination of experience, passion, ambition, and dedication. And is a balanced equation of a kindhearted, caring, yet professional piano teacher.
  • Review The Paino Room by Jena
    1 Reviews |  8 years ago
    Miss Rasha is one of a kind, she's professional and extremely talented, she's kind and funny. she understands each student's needs and offers the best she can. what I most like about her is that she allows her students to chose their own style in music and supports their passion till perfection. she finds creative ways of teaching according to each student's needs and she has the student's interest at heart, I'm always always looking forward to her class and time is never enough :)
  • Review The Paino Room by Belal
    1 Reviews |  8 years ago
    An AMAZING teacher!!!! she will MAKE you love music even if you don't :) if you truly want to become a talented musician, i truly recommend her :)
  • Review The Paino Room by Farah
    1 Reviews |  8 years ago
    Rasha is a professional Talented Musician with a friendly and joyful personality ,which makes her a great choice for a music teacher.
  • Review The Paino Room by Abed
    6 Reviews |  8 years ago
    Rasha is the most dedicated person I ever met, she is realy honest, helpful, caring and funny lady with a greeeeat talent, she is eager for teaching and self of the best :-)
  • Review The Paino Room by Rania
    1 Reviews |  8 years ago
    Rasha ia a person with Passion!she is a talented Lady with lots to give.I have started taking Piano lessons with Rasha almost 2 years ago...and every calss i take she makes me beleive its possible to acheive whatever is considered impossible...she is commited to her students and to continously developng their skills as well as hers!!If you are thinking of starting your Piano Lessons...Rasha is you choice:)
  • Review The Paino Room by Shahd
    1 Reviews |  8 years ago
    Rasha is a great talented professional person, with a very long experience in the music field. she is an ethical person, with a kind personality. she have the ability to deal with different people. Her great personality helps her to be an excellent teacher, and makes learning from her is just fun! If your interested in learning piano! don't think about it twice! just call her..
  • Review The Paino Room by Shahira
    17 Reviews |  8 years ago
    The best music teacher, I really recommend her, she is great with kids, and they enjoy their classes with her. If you are interested in learning Piano, do not hesitate !