Fried Brie Cheese Balls with Mango Chili Sauce
Black Eye of Sea (Muscles)
Lodge Entrecote
Triple desert (Vanilla Apple Pie, Chocolate Fondant and Lodge Coconut)
Fried Brie Cheese Balls with Mango Chili Sauce
Coconut Chicken covered with a layer of mashed potato . . . 10/10
The Lodge
The Lodge

Salt - Al Fuheis

After the Baccalaureate school
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Reviews (11)

  • Review The Lodge by Rahif
    2 Reviews |  6 years ago
    موقع المطعم جيد، ديكواته لطيفة. كانت الموسيقى عالية وكنت لازم أعلي صوتي عشان الناس يسمعوني بس مو مشكلة. الخدمة جيدة جداً، لكن الأكل طول كتير. اللي ما عجبني هو الأكل نفسه لأنو غالي وكان أقل من عادي. كنت متوقع بالسعر المطلوب اني آكل شي كتير زاكي بس للأسف كان المستوى أقل من اللازم. أنا شخصياً ما رح أرجع مرة تانية وما بنصح حد يروح بسبب السعر مقارنة بجودة الأكل. في أماكن كتير أزكى بنفس السعر وأقل
  • Review The Lodge by noone
    1 Reviews |  6 years ago
    I love this place the atmosphere is just amazing
  • Review The Lodge by rima
    2 Reviews |  7 years ago
    If you are a steak-lover, then you should try the steak at the lodge. They've got the most tender and flavorful steak in town. The place is cozy and the service is fantastic. My concerns with tiny portions of mashed potatoes & sauteed vegetables.
  • Review The Lodge by Hani
    60 Reviews |  7 years ago
    I know i had posted a review few months ago, however I have to re-confirm how this place is amazing !! I always says service is very important ingredient in a successful business, The Lodge provides excellent service in terms of welcoming, helping, attitude and response on customers comments. Try to go there while the weather is still warm and enjoy sitting in the open garden, and if you are a shisha lover you will enjoy it more ! The FOOD !!! again amazing dishes cooked to perfection, it is a really fine dinning restaurant. You have to try the pots, chicken curry coconut and meat balls. Ordered grilled salmon, ribeye steak, entrecote, pesto chicken, octopus, carpaccio, pastas (oil garlic, pesto, seafood) all were delicious and amazing ... no one single bad comment from my friends. everyone was enjoying the food. Hope they will maintain to serve the same quality of food and service My favorite place so far in Jordan .... Two thumps up !!
  • Review The Lodge by Omar
    174 Reviews |  7 years ago
    Enjoyed having dinner with friends over there. It is a dim lit place that is fit whether its a romantic dinner or out with friends. There is live loud music but it was not too loud. The food was really good and I found a lot of untypical dishes over there. We were a group of 10 and decided to order appetizers only because they sounded so delicious on there own.
  • Review The Lodge by Hani
    60 Reviews |  8 years ago
    If you want a getaway from Amman loudness and busy streets this place should be your next destination. Located in Fuhais, near by Talet Al Fuhais rest. This placed opened while ago i think in 2008 with British bar concept. I've tried it before but to bes honest i didn't like it therefore didn't back. Recently a new owner has taken this place, kept the concept but improved everything else. New stuff and new rich menu with 140 different international dishes. I love the concept of the place, old decorations & cozy ambiance. The best rest in Amman so far from my perspective ... I'll write full review soon.
  • Review The Lodge by Sarah-jane
    2 Reviews |  9 years ago
    The place is at the begging of Fuhais going down to the roundabout you find it on your left, its a very small place you might miss it so drive slowly. It has two floors, I liked the atmosphere inside, very cozy, feels like your on a mountain surrounded by snow!
    We thought we would go early to sit next to the lovely fireplaces they have, but other people thought the same so we ended up sitting on couches. very comfortable by the way. Music was not loud so you didnt have to lose your voice talking to your friends, and it was very chilled out , so it was exactly what we needed in this cold weather! If your into wine, the only brand they have is St. George and it is a rip off if you want to buy by the bottle to I suggest by the glass costs 7 including taxes. very dry wine no sweet wine. my other friend ordered a bloody Mary which was a disgrace. So I suggest stick to basic alcohol and dont buy mixes. oh and they did not charge us 10 jds as cover charge, dont know maybe because it was a friday? All in all we had a good time, the drive isnt that bad and would definitely do it again!
  • Review The Lodge by Zaid
    20 Reviews |  9 years ago
    if you are looking to escape the town , The lodge is your place , English place , English Standards , extremely cozy , fire place and a place to talk , to eat and to have a decent drink , love it in two simple words
  • Review The Lodge by محمد
    5 Reviews |  9 years ago
    انا امبارح جربته المفروض انه تخصصه انجليري جربنا فيش اند شيبس و ستيك اند كيدني باي و يا حبيبي عينك ما تشوف الا النور نوعيه الاكل سيئه جدا جدا جدا جدا جدا انا خفت اتسمم من كتر مالاكل بشع حشى النعمه طلبنا اغلى شي عندهم عشان ما نظلمهم و سألنا الشيف شو بينصح و عالفاضي اوكيه الديكور حلو و الموقع لطيف بس لا نصح ابدا حد يجرب اكله الشيف شكله بيفهم بكل شي الا الطبخ و الحمد لله صحيت الصبح مو متسمم الله ستر
  • Review The Lodge by Sabri
    123 Reviews |  9 years ago
    مطعم ذا لودج هو صفة للرواق، هدوء، سكوت، إسترخاء، شغل الواحد يعمل سبا أو مساج هناك. ديكور المحل خشب، زي الكوخ، عفشو كلاسيك أو جلد، فييو fireplace كبير و براويز ذهب علحيطان. ال-VIEW منو روعة، زي الصور، جبال الفحيص وإذا بتروحو وقت المغرب أجمل وأجمل، بالنسبه لسعرو، فهو مقبول جداً، عندو شوربات ب-2,95JD بس بالوقت نفسو، في خدعة إن في COVER CHARGE عل شخص 10JD's و احنا كنا رايحين نشرب شاي، فأكلنا الفيلم أو إتلبسنا ال 20 دينار. أكلو طيب، شوربة الدرا لذيذه. الخدمه مقبوله، بس لو شوي أسرع كان أحسن، في واحد نكسرت ايدو وهوه بدو يطلب الحساب.