thank you cakery, best bday cake ever :D
yummy chocolate cake
another super cake
Amazing tarts and cake.
Love how simple the decor is
Red velvet looks yummy.
Cake on display
Cookies displayed nicely
labaneh and olives jars
labaneh and olives jars
The Cakery
The Cakery

Amman - Sweifieh

34 hassan Barkawi Street, Abdoun shamali
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9:00 ص - 9:00 م
9:00 ص - 9:00 م
9:00 ص - 9:00 م
9:00 ص - 9:00 م
9:00 ص - 9:00 م
9:00 ص - 9:00 م
9:00 ص - 9:00 م
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Reviews (28)

  • Review The Cakery by Shahad
    2 Reviews |  one year ago
    Hands down the yummiest cake in Amman
  • Review The Cakery by Yasmeen
    9 Reviews |  two years ago
    Mixed Berry Dacquoise is to die for !!! worth every penny
  • Review The Cakery by Nadeen
    114 Reviews |  two years ago
    دايما بنوصي منه كيك لاعياد الميلاد عندهم رد فيلفت وتشوكليت وكراميل وكتير وفستق حلبي نكهات وصراحة كل شي عنده زاكي اسعاره غالية
  • Review The Cakery by Enas
    109 Reviews |  two years ago
    They have the most tasty cake in whole Jordan the much that you enjoy every bite of it
  • Review The Cakery by Rana
    3 Reviews |  two years ago
    informatio that we get is great and helpful
  • Review The Cakery by Nadeen
    10 Reviews |  3 years ago
    Well The Cake was really good and the taste is Amazing The staff were so nice and helpful.... We received the cake on time also
  • Review The Cakery by Omar
    2 Reviews |  4 years ago
    نصيحة ما حدى يجيه لأنو في موظفة عندهم صبية إزا ما بيعجبها منظرك بتعاملك بشكل سيء جدا واحتمال ما تخدمك اللي بيحترم حاله ومابده يتبهدل ما يروح لعندهم
  • Review The Cakery by Farah Alkaabneh
    6 Reviews |  4 years ago
    التعامل اكتير سيء جدا جدا واكتيرا غالي و مو زاكي بالمرة
  • Review The Cakery by Romouz
    244 Reviews |  4 years ago
    The cakery, where do I begin? I think the lack of proper competition has created a sense of arrogance and incompetence within the cakery. Yesterday I walked into the place with my 5 year old wanting to order a custom cake...two days ahead of time, the guy on the counter said you need to tell us 4 days ahead of time. Now usually I would stop there and not give the place a 1 star but what happened next has pushed me to write this review... I asked him: How fresh are those cakes on display? Guy: We bake them daily. Me: Oh right, so I can take one of these tomorrow and it would be fresh Guy: right Me: Okay what if i ask you to give me one of those standard cakes only with different frosting, nothing custom or different ..since you claim to bake them daily, it should not be an issue. right? Guy: no we cant do that. Me: Why? Guy: ............... Well I think you got me point by now...those cakes are not baked daily. The Cakery management needs to stop lying about the freshness of their cakes..unless the truth is they do not give a shit about frosting one cake for only one customer and they wanna make it clear they already have enough business that me and my order mean nothing to them.
  • Review The Cakery by Lina
    63 Reviews |  5 years ago
    سيء سيء سيء سيء اسوء خدمة زباين بالدنيا لا في احترام للزبون و لا لقيمة الزبون , موظفة عندهم صغيرة بالعمر ترفع صوتها علي و تبهدلني و الله ما صارت باي مكان بالعالم... و المشكلة اني كنت بناقشها باسلوب محترم و هادي.. حتى في زبونة كانت واقفة و قالت الها شو ما كان الوضع ما بصير تصيحي على الزبونة! غير هيك كانوا بدهم يضحكوا علي بالفلوس مفكريني غشيمة... يعني بهدلوني و قلوا من قيمتي قدام العالم... غير عدم الاحترام من بداية دخول المحل... بس انا الحق علي كان المفروض ارمي الأغراض بوجههم و اطلع مش ادفع الهم فلوس كمان.. خسارة فيهم.. و محل عامل حاله 5stars لما اطلب كيس عشان اقدر احمل فيه الأغراض يعطيني كيس بلاستك صغير جدا شفاف زي تبعون البقالات الصغيرة... و الموظفين شايفين حالهم....