The American ESL center
The American ESL center

Amman - Jbaiha

Behind Majdy Mall Turn Right - 1st Building After Majdy Mall - Building Number 313 - 3rd Floor
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Reviews (12)

  • Review The American ESL center by Bear
    1 Reviews |  10 months ago
    I worked there as a General English teacher from 2006 to 2007. I taught university student, professionals, and staff from the Saudi Embassy in Jordan. When I began at AESLC, part of my "orientation" included being taken into an empty classroom by a fellow teacher, D. N., who was from Australia. She closed the door behind me and proceeded to tell me how to flirt with male students during and outside of class, in order to hopefully bring in more male students, as well as keep current ones returning for further classes. When I say "how to flirt", I mean how to stand at the board and move my arm or body so that my midriff would show, how to flirtatiously talk with male students, and how to bend down at a male student's desk so that he could catch a glimpse of cleavage. Bear in mind, she was in her 60's and separated from her husband; I was in my 40's and married to a Jordanian. She informed me that this was something she always discreetly taught new teachers at the center. I never followed what she said about flirting. I found it repugnant and unprofessional. Additionally, she was dating some of the males students, many whom she taught. She discreetly talked about this with "select" teachers. The female owner, with whom the teacher was good friends, knew about this but did nothing to discourage or stop this unethical behavior and conflict of interest. Lastly, there were cameras and spyware in use by the owners, all of which were not made known to the students or staff. I know of a few people who were let go simply because they looked something benign up on a computer at work while at lunch, but something that the female owner didn't like. She accused the those employees of looking for other jobs with other companies when they weren't doing that at all. In other words, the results of the spyware use could be used against any employee at any time for any reason, unfounded or not, especially if the employee wasn't favored by the one or both of the owners. In summary, although I was treated decently in the beginning and sometimes received my pay late, I will never recommend that anyone work at AESLC, nor will I recommend that anyone take classes from there. I find the business and its owners to be dishonest, violators of copyright laws, and morally corrupt both personally and professionally.
  • Review The American ESL center by Siraj
    5 Reviews |  5 years ago
    This article says it all.
  • Review The American ESL center by Aeslc
    2 Reviews |  5 years ago
    من افضل المراكز التي رأيتها
  • Review The American ESL center by BalletAlicia
    1 Reviews |  5 years ago
    whether the teaching there is any good depends on the teachers. What i do know is that anyone who works there will be paid months late or not at all and leave soon after in frustration. This includes the secretary know try leave positive reviews recently. Before you agree to work google it and read about the negative things that have happened there and decide whether you want to be a part of it.
  • Review The American ESL center by Aeslc
    2 Reviews |  5 years ago
    يعتذر المركز الامريكي الثقافي للطلبة الاعزاء عن اغلاق المركز المفاجئ وذلك بسبب اعمال الصيانة , ونود اعلامكم بأن دوراتنا ستبدأ بتاريخ 25/3/2015 وسوف يتم استقبال الطلاب اللذين لم يكملوا دوراتهم "مجانا ".
  • Review The American ESL center by Mohammad
    1 Reviews |  6 years ago
    هذا المكان عباره عن نصب و احتيال بعد التسجيل فجأه تم اغلاق المركز وتم اعلام الطلاب باغلاقه من رقم مجهول و المزعج اكثر ان المدير و زوجته الامباليه(التي تعامل موظفيها بطريقة حقيرة على حسب علمنا من العاملين هناك) مختفيين ونحن الطلاب ضائعين مركز فاشل this place took money and there is no give number for manager only this number (077****09 her name y*** covers thier lay like them liar,,,, and two managers are thief
  • Review The American ESL center by Zhiqiang
    1 Reviews |  6 years ago
    I fill not good,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Review The American ESL center by La
    1 Reviews |  6 years ago
    انا اخدت 4 دورات بالمركز يعني فوق ال 6 شهور و بقدر اقيم المركز من خلال تجربتي المدرسين اجانب و طرق تدريسهم رائعة و الادارة مساعدة للطالب بصراحة بتحس بجو عائلي و الكل مهتمين انك تكون مرتاح الشي الوحيد المش منيح الكافتيريا اوقات مو موجود فيا كل شي بشكل عام مكان مريح و بنصح تسجلو في عن تجربة
  • Review The American ESL center by Anonymoususer
    1 Reviews |  7 years ago
    This place is a mess. Can totally relate with the previous commenter (Shadin). The workers in this company are abused and treated like slaves. If this was in the USA, the center would have been closed a long time ago. Many workers are abused and not given their full salaries. The female owner works for another company and she is also abusing the employees working under her. Many of them had to pay for her mistakes and take the blame for her shortcomings (and even get salary deductions).
  • Review The American ESL center by Shadin
    1 Reviews |  8 years ago
    First of all, this place is packed with cameras so be very careful. Second of all, I was employed by two of the most disgusting con artists in Jordan. They strictly hire US citizens who are not familiar with the country and fail to pay them their salaries. Fortunately for me, I had dual citizenship and my mother took the bastards to court for my four months of salary. Finally after nearly two years in court, I finally won the case and got my money. For those who are not familiar with the country lost their money and time. It's tragic to see foreigners have such a horrific experience. I hope the center gets shut down ASAP by the Jordanian government. The US Embassy will not protect any US citizen against these thieves because the center is not approved by the US Embassy so please beware!