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TGI Fridays

Half Fridays burger and chili fries

TGI Fridays
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  • دعاء331
    دعاء أحمد over 7 years ago

    7/10 it was a good burger, not as well done as i wanted to be though

  • Sabri124
    Sabri Hakim over 7 years ago

    how was the taste? out of ten

  • دعاء331
    دعاء أحمد over 7 years ago

    hehehe yes that happens when you cut in half

  • محمد69
    محمد رمضان over 7 years ago

    doaa ... el sandweshe kolha wag3a :) bas shkel el beef bshahee

  • Doaa65
    Doaa Heyari over 7 years ago

    very nice