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Amman - Seventh Circle

Abdulla ghosheh Street building 91
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  • Review Te Data by Mohammad
    19 Reviews |  6 years ago
    انا مشترك معهم من خمسة سنوات للبيت (حساب منزل) وحسابين للعمل وبصراحة الخدمة والتعامل رائع جدا. انا ما لاحظت جودة خدمة الزبائن عندهم الا لما جربت شركات غيرهم سابقا مثل اورانج وزين. السلبية انه الانترنت بيعتمد على خط التلفون وليس لاسلكي وبالتالي اي بطء بالشبكة بيصير لازم تعمل فيها شارلوك هولمز لتعرف المشكلة من راوتر الاتصالات ولا من تي داتا. الانترنت والداونلوود سريع وما في تقطيع والشركة متعاونة لو صار في مشكلة فالاتصال والدعم الفني كتير سريع ومحترف.
  • Review Te Data by Waleed
    6 Reviews |  7 years ago
    i have been using te-data services for about three years, i have 4M plan, high speed download all good. 1 bad thing, lately and not always i have been experiancing problems with the speed of the internet videos (ex youtube), they need to buffered before i can watch them
  • Review Te Data by Sameer
    29 Reviews |  7 years ago
    If you read my previous reviews , you can see that i didn't give 5 stars for anything i reviewed before ! .. But TE DATA deserve 5 stars .. I was a customer with this ISP for 2 years I had the best service provided stable internet connection ! good download limit and above all THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE IN THE WORLD ! i had a problem with my modem so i called the Technical Team at 7 pm ! no body answered i was expecting that b/c it was late ! then few mins later a phone call from the Technical team apologizing for not picking up the phone and asking how they can help me! +ve: - Great Internet Service - Great Offers - Average Prices - BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE - Location (Their old location was in Um uthaina and the new one in 7th circle) both were good for me .. -Ves: - The only one bad thing they provide ADSL service only no wireless service .. I highly recommend this Internet service provider