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Taj Life Style New Year
Taj Life Style New Year
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Taj Lifestyle Center
Taj Lifestyle Center
Review Taj Lifestyle Center by Deemarx
26 Reviews |  6 years ago
Provides the best shopping experience in Amman. Not too large to tire you nor too small to miss important brands. Diverse collection from low to high end products. Actually, it's the only mall with high end products in Amman. Best food court for sure. The terrace has a very nice view. Large parking lot making sure you'll find a lot, but you may have to go 2-3 floors underground. Best cinema with the luxurious Taj Class hall. Tip: to find your car; remember the shop next to the elevator/escalator you ascended by!

Amman - Abdoun

Said Abdo Shammot Street
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Reviews (93)

  • Review Taj Lifestyle Center by Mustafa Arabas
    23 Reviews |  one year ago
    مول شكله جميل. لكن اسعاره مبالغ فيها وخصوصا الاكل والشرب.
  • Review Taj Lifestyle Center by huh
    64 Reviews |  one year ago
    I love the restaurants and cafes, not so many shopping options but i love this mall overall.
  • Review Taj Lifestyle Center by Suha Alquraan
    20 Reviews |  one year ago
    One of the most beautiful places in amman , love the cafes and cinema .
  • Review Taj Lifestyle Center by Saja
    80 Reviews |  two years ago
    Best mall in Amman i love go there it have the nice it coffee shops
  • Review Taj Lifestyle Center by suhaida
    113 Reviews |  3 years ago
    one of my favourite malls , because you can find anything you want and i can find all my fav shops
  • Review Taj Lifestyle Center by Shadia
    84 Reviews |  3 years ago
    It's a lovely mall but very stroller unfriendly. Priority for the elevators must be given to those with babies and strollers and those with wheelchairs.
  • Review Taj Lifestyle Center by Rawan
    19 Reviews |  3 years ago
    my favorite mall very big and a lot of different brands are there and u cant find them in other malls i just don't like the parking its hard to find a parking spot and the valet is slow
  • Review Taj Lifestyle Center by omar arabyat
    33 Reviews |  3 years ago
    مول كبير كتير و مرتب ، و في مطاعم كتير و كافيهات كتير و مرتبة ، بتلاقي كلشي فيه ، بس كراجاته و محل صفة السيارة صعب ، بنصح تتذكر الرقم اللي جنب السيارة و رقم الطابق
  • Review Taj Lifestyle Center by madrid
    163 Reviews |  3 years ago
    ممكن صار من اكتر الاماكن اللي بيرتادوها الناس سواء الهم حاجة فيه او لا..اسعارو مو كتير مناسبة وفش مواقف دايما..احلى شي فيه انو تصميمو مميز وفي خيارات متنوعة
  • Review Taj Lifestyle Center by Mohammad
    56 Reviews |  3 years ago
    تصميمه غريب وحلو غير عن باقي مولات عمان في كتير محلات مش موجودة غير فيه. ال security ممتاز يعني بتروح عليه وانت مرتاح