i wanted to though it out, but the garbage was far, so i ate it, all 150gm of dry meat and un cooked mushrooms of it
المحل من الخارج
Best Burger :)))
Tabheereh :D
Great Meal
new menu
Review Tabheerah by Hamzah
16 Reviews |  8 years ago
I will always love Tabheereh. This place saved me one night when I was suffering from a severe case of craving for a good burger. I was sitting with a friend in a nearby coffee shop when that friend suggested I try "Tabheereh". I explained that I needed to have a burger, but not any burger, a burger that would satisfy my craving, cure my itch, something "befish el ghol". He said "tabheereh burger is the answer". So I ordered it, and I was a much happier person when that burger came and I devoured it. The burger is BIG, big bun, big patty, two slices of cheese, mushrooms, and an oh-so-good sauce, and it comes with the "tabheereh" fries, which are basically regular french fries with some spicing added to them. So good. From that day on, I started exploring their selection of sandwiches more often. Their tabheereh burger is by far the best thing on the menu, and it's very cheap. I think JOD 3 and you'll have the full meal. They have good chicken bbq sandwiches, and good chicken shish taouk sandwiches. They also have REALLY good hot dog sandwiches. Not out of this world good, but solid good, and great value for money. I highly recommend this place. It's located in the western side of Umm Uthaina, in the same commercial buildings complex that has Fishawi Cafe, A3deh (previously Play On for kids), and some other shops. Go try it.

Amman - Um Uthaina

Near Al Fishawi cafe
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