St Maxim's
St Maxim's

Dubai - Mall Of The Emirates

"Store # F400, 1st Floor, Mall of the Emirates, 4th Interchange 1"
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  • Review St Maxim's by Haya
    77 Reviews |  9 years ago
    During my travel to Dubai, a large group of us were invited to St Maxim's.
    Located in the Mall of the Emirates I was expecting something else. I was expecting a very casual restaurant however the setting was very nice and you do not feel that your in the mall at all. We had a set menu to choose from in which i chose to try the tiger shrimps. it comes raw in which you cook yourself on a pre-heated stone which is extremely hot by the way and need to be careful but the steam can also act as u good facial! when it arrived i really looked at it and thought to myself so what should i be doing with this and took me a minute til i caught on but i enjoyed overcooking it :) and i thought it was tasty! i recommend trying it. I wasnt keen on the waitress's attitude though and is what put me off for the evening. All in all, i enjoyed my shrimps and mostly the company
  • Review St Maxim's by farah
    26 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Being located in one of the most visited malls of the UAE, a 1 time visit to St. Maxims is surely a must! Located in a quite corner of the mall on the first floor, I had the privilege of dining here as part of Jeeran's elite users gathering! The restaurant is extremely well decorated & has very warm & inviting feel to it. I was slightly disappointed at the set menu that was offered to the guests, as for the starters I was given a choice between mushroom & tiger prawns & I opted for the latter! which I was slightly shocked to see as they were absolutely raw when they arrived at the table :) BUT they came on a slab of marble heated at 400 degrees!! & they were to be cooked on this! wow! this was something I had heard about but never tried and I really enjoyed the experience! Although i felt the prawns could be marinated as they were purely bland and also one of the prawns still had a vein attached to it which I had to remove my self :( Then came the main course & I opted for the meat platter... and after a while when i informed the waitress to make sure my meat is well done she THEN informed me that once again the meat wud be raw and ill have to cook it lol!! I wish i was informed before as I wud have ordered the seafood instead which wud have been easier to cook :) The meat was only sprinkled with salt and pepper accompanied with an awful tasting potatoe pattie:( & no marination or sauces was served to me, although later i noticed 1 of the guests had some gravy with their order? lol! Cooking the meat piece by piece was tiresome & time consuming & left little time for me to talk or enjoy my meal! Again as a 1 time experience the result was fascinating and something I wud never forget! The waitress was helpful but not so friendly :) & the idea of them standing next to our table looking at us eating was a little uncomfortable! The grand finale was the cheese cake I ordered, no it came cooked:) lol & it was the most divine cheese cake I ever had! topped with wild berries & sauce! My advice: Visit for the experience only! Thanks alot Jeeran!
  • Review St Maxim's by Nikhar
    14 Reviews |  9 years ago
    St.Maxim's which is located in Mall of the Emirates, as soon as i enter the place, i was felt good, we had a fabulous Elite gathering, what i was expecting from the group i got it which i am satisfied. Now when i come to serving, i can see the servings, presentation everything was good, but the person who was serving needs more training, i guess she was the head amongst the rest, she needs to be polite, she should know how to handle the guest, for me the first impression is the last impression, which i give & like to see from others, Firstly the dishes are OK kind of to me as i ordered my starter as Mushroom, i was not expecting what i though, but anyways, for me to try new things is always an a good experience, still i would suggest all my friends to go once, but in the same time i would like to give the tip on how the dish is suppose to be taken in, as its on "STONE" main concept of that stone which act as a mini gas u can say, where they serve half cook which we need to flip it to get it cooked, which i was not aware of it how exactly it works, it doesn't take much time, it just get cooked in few min, just need to keep on flipping (turning up & down),take a bite & talk as u talk it gets cooked, About this Stone dish i would like to say that every restaurant has their own unique way or serving or the dishes, i would like to see in such restaurant that as soon as one is served i would like to be given a small demo on that, like help us out before hand by saying this particular dish is suppose to be eaten like this, or it looks like that, as i said " Stone dish" which is half cook, which i guess no one will think of it, & at the bottom u will see its getting burned at the same time, hehehehehe, :-)) Concept is really very good, just need the guidance before we start. I like to explore more places & like to taste new dishes i like the same thing here new style & the new taste with the good concept, but if the serving people are more friendly then you enjoy more, which i always like to see, friendly environment is a must in every restaurant, that is the good way of enjoying the meal. Rude people spoils everything, which i did not like it much in St. Maxim's, to keep your place moving there should be a good care taker, & the restaurant was not so surrounded by much people, it was bit quite place, Otherwise the rating is Ok. :-))
    Good Luck to all who trying to visit, Enjoy Your meal.
  • Review St Maxim's by Nibal
    49 Reviews |  9 years ago
    I went there last Saturday and we were around 20 people. when we first walked into the restaurant we were welcomed with a very big smile from the staff and were guided to our table that we had already booked. it was a great setting right in the middle of the restaurant. as we sat down the waiter approached us and asked for our drinks. i only had water, but some of friends had cocktails and it looked nice :)
    After a while, the waiter came and asked us if she should take our orders, so i told her we need more 10 mins so she smiled and told me to she will get back to me in 10 mins. They have a special offer that you can choose one starter and one main course for 110AED++, which is in my opinion a great deal. Fine Dining for only 110AED++ I had soup of the day for a starter and it was some sort of vegi soup and it wasn't that great, they served it super hot, you need to blow on it several times before you can put it near your mouth, then for the main course i had steak on the hot stone. Steak on the hot stone: they serve you raw steak and a super hot stone and you have to cook for your self, i loved the experience but didn't love my food, if you don't know how to cook then one of the waiters will come and teach you or even cook for you. The portion if the steak is a little bit big i couldn't finish my steak, so i think you can share 1 steak with someone and both of you will have a great meal, the steak is served with baked potato that i didn't like. I think the restaurant ambiance and service were great but the food not too much. the place is not usually crowded, i went there on a Saturday and it was almost empty so i don't think prior reservation is a must. This place is located on the 1st floor of MOE, the shortest way to get there is by getting from the hotel entrance and going one level up.
  • Review St Maxim's by Sabri
    124 Reviews |  9 years ago
    we were a large group, 20 people, we held our first Jeeran Dubai Community meet up there. it was a great place with good food and ambiance.
    The place is in Mall of the Emirates, its close to Ski Dubai. located among a few other high end restaurants. its location in the mall is also special I found, its located at one of the very ends of the mall, section A1 to be exact. The theme of the restaurant was a mix of old antiuqe french 70s settings. it is luxiorious and has many elements that you dont see now a days, red carpet entrance, wooden chairs and dark red curtains, old style chandeliers and much more that added to that feel. The food was also an experience, your dish comes on a pre-heated stone, heated up for 12 hours before serving on, both the appetizer and the main dish were served that way. I had the mushroom for the appetizer, it was a great light dish, as for the main dish, i had steaks (with an S) 3 pieces, which was pretty heavy i noticed that i wasnt the only one to not finish the 3. cooking them was the best part, it was an ice breaker as well, most of us have not met before at this outing, but when the cooking got going, it was a great conversation starter, each joking about being the best cook, and who wasn't!
  • Review St Maxim's by Hanna
    5 Reviews |  9 years ago
    one of the best experiences i've had in my life, totally worth the money you pay. you'll have a great tasty meal and have fun.
    in my last visit i ordered : stonegrilled Mushrooms which is Mushrooms on a stone grill and you cook them :) really really fun. its served with a very tasty sauce. and for the main course i ordered stone grilled lamb chops which is served on a stone grill and you have to cook it, a real fun experience specially with a large group. the portions were very big, i couldn't finish my lamb chops. they offer a wide selection of drinks and cocktails as for me i ordered water. i paid around 160AED for this fantastic meal it was a real fun experience, totally worth the money and i recommend it to everyone. and off course you need to make reservation. the mall and the hotel offers valet service so if you want to save the hassle finding a parking spot you can use their valet service. There is also a metro station attached to the mall.