spa amber's garden where you can chill in the sun after your facial
facial and massage room ... very relaxing
facial's room .. all clean and relaxing atmosphere
main enterance :)
Spa Amber
Spa Amber

Amman - Jabal Amman - Fourth Circle

Bani Ghazi Street - Hai Al Redwan - Villa 19
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Reviews (5)

  • Review Spa Amber by Reem
    3 Reviews |  7 years ago
    Terrible, miserable experience I used to love this place & recommend it to all of my friends till I decided to book a Bridal package. I booked 1 month before my wedding & paid the full package at the time of booking. My first two appointments were 2 days before my wedding & they went well, I had 3 other appointments the next day early in the morning. I woke up 1 day remaining to my wedding to prepare to go to spa & my mobile started ringing, it was amber spa, telling me they were sorry but the girl I have an appointment with didn't come to work & there's nothing they can do. Of course needless say I was a total wreck & they didn't even care, they'll just give me a refund of the remaining balance!!!!
  • Review Spa Amber by Hana
    236 Reviews |  7 years ago
    it was my fav spa , until I went once for manicure and the manicure was old so after I left I had bubbles (ruined ofcourse) , I came back to fix it and again had the same problem The spa is very very very clean The atmosphere is very relaxing , specially their garden .. and the service is excellent The music they play is very nice Try the facial, the massage and the waxing...very professional... all done by russians.. after you finish they give you ur green tea and you can enjoy sitting in the garden prices are a bit high They have gift vouchers as well if your planning to give a relaxing gift voucher to anyone
  • Review Spa Amber by Noor
    11 Reviews |  8 years ago
    staff are warm and welcoming.
    facilities are spotless. variety of services are offered. treatments are done by experts so you know you are getting your moneys worth! definitely the place to go relax and unwind!
  • Review Spa Amber by Catherine
    5 Reviews |  8 years ago
    Amber is a little more than other places for nails and sugaring, etc, but the relaxing atmosphere and friendly staff cannot be beat. Lubna is awesome and I am always pleased with the level of service from everyone. Essentials does a more meticulous manicure but Amber has a better color selection and ambiance.
  • Review Spa Amber by Tala
    8 Reviews |  8 years ago
    I once had a gift voucher for a body massage and a face massage at Amber Spa. I was really impressed with their service and the was clean and shinny ! A very relaxing atmosphere , the music is amazing ..the staff are very professional and neat ! I do recommend this place big time !