Sheikh Zayed Mosque
Sheikh Zayed Mosque
Sheikh Zayed Mosque
Sheikh Zayed Mosque
Sheikh Zayed Mosque
Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Abu Dhabi - Airport Road

Mussafah bridge and Maqta bridge
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Reviews (10)

  • Review Sheikh Zayed Mosque by Mona
    24 Reviews |  5 years ago
    الله يرحم الشيخ زايد و يجعل قبره روضه من رياض الجنه و يدخله الجنه بغير حسابٍ ولا سابقة عذاب ما شاء الله المسجد تحفة معماريه رائعه جداًً
  • Review Sheikh Zayed Mosque by Dawod Gharaibeh
    7 Reviews |  5 years ago
    Architectural Monument, a peaceful place to be around
  • Review Sheikh Zayed Mosque by Bassel
    310 Reviews |  7 years ago
    تحفة معمارية إسلامية حلوة كتير كتير وزيارة المسجد تجربة كتير حلوة ورائعة كل شي فيه حلووكل شي أكبر شي بالعالم يعتبر رابع أكبر مسجد بالعالم يحوي المسجد أكبر ثريا بالعالم قطرها 10 أمتار يحوي 82 قبة و 1096 عمود في الخارح و96 عمود في الداخل يتسع لأكثر من 40 ألف مصلي ويحوي أكبر سجادة بالعالم مساحتها 5700 متر مربع ووزنها47 طن يجب زيارة هذا المسجد لان تجربة فريدة
  • Review Sheikh Zayed Mosque by Lina
    79 Reviews |  8 years ago
    one of the biggest and most beautiful mosques in the world. I visited it late at night so the main praying room was closed, but they allowed us to pray in other rooms, the decoration is amazing from ceiling to floor. you have to respect the islamic dressing codes to enter, men have to cover their shoulders and legs, and women have to wear Abaya and scarf which can be provided by the mosque. on your way out you can visit Shaikh zayed grave.
  • Review Sheikh Zayed Mosque by tamkinat
    5 Reviews |  9 years ago
    just like everyone says, worth a visit. its so big that i recommend you to take your time and carefully look into each details how beautiful they are. Nice place to see, if you are in UAE. It is not the biggest mosque in the world (capacity 45'000 - 50'000 pax) but probably the most beautiful - decorated with white marble, marble flowers and gold. I was really really impressed with this building. This sight is a must see if you like beautiful buildings. This is a must visit for anyone going to either Dubai or Abu Dhabi is is completely stunning. The building and surrounding area is just amazing. They do give you full burkas to wear as you must cover up while you are visiting including your head but this adds to the trip.
  • Review Sheikh Zayed Mosque by danish
    6 Reviews |  9 years ago
    sheikh zayed mosque is on of the great mosque in the uae we can celebrates our ramadan here in sheikh zayed mosuqe becoz we are getting the iftaar facility and for prayer facility in to mosque so will not get any problem this is the place where we can njoy a lot and we can celebrates unlimited
  • Review Sheikh Zayed Mosque by Junaid
    7 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Sheikh Zayed Mosuque is one of the biggest mosques in the world. A lot of people gather for iftar and during ramadan during the friday prayer , you can feel the enthusiasm of the fasting people as they read quran, the praying enviroment
  • Review Sheikh Zayed Mosque by Joseph
    8 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Although a particularly humbling site at any time of the year, the Sheikh Zayed Mosque (perhaps better known to the expats as the 'Grand Mosque') really begins to shine during Ramadan. The true power of Islam is really demonstrated with its generosity and dedication to their religion.
    The mosque has been built with a message that is said to 'unite the world' as its architecture ranges from classical Arabian, Persian and Morocco with crystals from Italy and various other European paired with beautiful gold and fantastic lighting. This idea of world partnership is furthered by several amazing guest reciters of the Quran leading the taraweeh night prayers. The Sheikh Zayed mosque isn't only an accomplishment in its architecture, with the large marble stature rising around the horizon with the crescent moons completing the piercing the sky, but it is also a spiritual centre where and expected 40,960 can be housed in holy prayer. If being visited by non-Muslims who are not used to Islamic dress codes you have to cover your shoulders and legs in both gender, but women have to wear a scarf which can either be your own or be provided by the mosque itself. Overall the mosque has a fantastic spirit of Ramadan, but for non-Muslims it's best to be cautious when visiting, especially during prayer hours.
  • Review Sheikh Zayed Mosque by Judith
    60 Reviews |  9 years ago
    offers one of the most truly festive locations with humbling gestures. The Grand Mosque is the best feature of Abu Dhabi and under the patronage of Khalifa Bin Zayed shows us all the true spirit of Islam by giving out food to those who are less fortunate. He provides meals to thousands of people a day not just Muslims for free. By showing us the real meaning of Ramadan, the Sheikh shows how he thinks of others before himself.
  • Review Sheikh Zayed Mosque by Bethan
    23 Reviews |  9 years ago
    I think Sheikh Zayed Mosque offers the best Ramadan atmosphere, greeting and feelings because Sheikh Zayed Mosque has the biggest iftar gatherings in the country. After many Pakistani and Afghanistan men fast for a day when going to the Mosque they share the love for Islam as they do for eating food after all it's not about starving yourself it's about appreciating god and being a better person for a month. The communities come together and join in the presence of Islam to eat food together and appreciate their life. HH Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan reads out Qu'uran to the people who are dining outside the mosque which makes the mood vibrant. It is all so lovely and outlines the whole point of Ramadan being together with Allah