SEGA Republic
SEGA Republic

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  • Review SEGA Republic by Lina
    79 Reviews |  8 years ago
    Sega republic is an amazing indoor amusement park with a lot of games from simulators to classic games, its fun for the whole family. I recommend the simulator games. You can buy the entrance card for 3 Dhs and charge it with the credit amount of your choice every time you go there (this credit will be used to pay for games), Or you can buy other entrance cards that you will use once to play specific games.
  • Review SEGA Republic by Deb
    21 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Hidden away in Dubai Mall Sega Republic is fun for the whole family. I was dragged in by my kids and I had a great time. the rides are fantastic for an indoor theme park. It is the first place I have actually ever won a toy from a grab machine! the quality of the soft toys are great. not like the crappy ones filled with beads. The staff are great and really make the place more fun, they laugh and joke. It is great value for money and the kids had to drag ME out! What a fun place.
  • Review SEGA Republic by Bethan
    23 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Sega Republic is a great way to spend your free time it is a fun filled experience which everyone should give a shot at. Sega republic oozes with fun as soon as you enter their are such things as vending machines, roller coasters, simulators and much more! Every time I go the kid side comes out of me and I go on the same rides constantly because they never get old! Sega republic is located in Dubai Mall one of the main tourist attractions. The staff are very pleasant. The attraction zone is very clean and cheap for what is on offer inside it's a great way to spend time with your family. I recommend others to try this so they share the same love that I have for it. The access is not free but it is well worth the money you spend. All ages enjoy this experience and have the same amount of fun. Sega republic will always share a space of my photo album and my childhood.