Sabah Lebnan Restaurant

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  • Review Sabah Lebnan Restaurant by Oussama
    1 Reviews |  two years ago
    First , this is not a Lebanese restaurant , I am Lebanese and I know the Lebanese cuisine and hospitality , the owner is Syrian and the chef is Syrian , they only take the name of Lebanon but its not a Lebanese restaurant . I used to be a customer to this restaurant for a couple of years , but there is a Syrian Guy I think he is a waiter named Abdullah , this guy has a very bad attitude towards customers , also his costume and appearance does not fit a Lebanese restaurant , he always wears dirty jeans and a slipper and had unorganized beard. One day I went to have lunch there and I asked for an extra spoon of yogurt , he answered with bad attitude that this will cost me 7 AED , although I am a regular customer , but he has very bad customer care , I told him to treat customers in a good behavior and I told him that I will put feed back about what happened but he did not care also I got complaints from other friends who dine there that this guy has a bad attitude , I stopped going there because of this guy who does not know any thing about customer care. I do not advise any body to go to this Syrian restaurant.