Roasters coffee jo
Roasters coffee jo
Roasters Coffee Jo
Roasters Coffee Jo

Amman - Dhahiyat Prince Rashid

Mamdouh Al - Sarayra Street - Al - Dawood Building
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Reviews (15)

  • Review Roasters Coffee Jo by Falwlek
    23 Reviews |  one year ago
    this place is so comfortable and relaxed , it has the best customer service, Aseel is amazing
  • Review Roasters Coffee Jo by Yasmeen
    9 Reviews |  two years ago
    The place is very comfortable and relaxed great for a quick lunch break coffee, chill morning
  • Review Roasters Coffee Jo by madrid
    163 Reviews |  two years ago
    القعدة برا عندو رائعة جدا واجوائها حلوة...الموظفين لطيفين ومتعاونين..المشكلة انو اسعارو غالية جدا مقارنة بجودة وكمية المنتجات..لانو اغلب الشغل عندهم نكهات مو فريش كتير..مع انو اماكن تانية جودتها احسن بكتير اسعارها ارخص بتكون..بس بشكل عام جيد
  • Review Roasters Coffee Jo by Fares
    40 Reviews |  two years ago
    About my experience at roasters coffee it's was very good Keep it up guys
  • Review Roasters Coffee Jo by Farah
    10 Reviews |  two years ago
    the drinks is tasty and place is nice they just have one small problem which it the internet connection in the second floor
  • Review Roasters Coffee Jo by Saja
    80 Reviews |  two years ago
    القعده والجو والمكان كتير حلو ومرتب يعني حلو الواحد يقعد يقضي وقت او يشتغل، الخدمات نظيفه والويترز لطيفين ومرتبين. بنصح فيو صراحه
  • Review Roasters Coffee Jo by Raymaa
    134 Reviews |  two years ago
    Great vibes inside and out Roasters, basically it’s a big and comfortable place with cute atmosphere, tried their American coffee it tastes good, tried also their brownies desserts to be honest i didn’t like it , it’s worth to try Roasters again, recommend this place!
  • Review Roasters Coffee Jo by Enas
    109 Reviews |  two years ago
    nice and beautiful place , good service and clean toilets i tried american coffee it was good but not tasty enough but a great place to set in
  • Review Roasters Coffee Jo by Khaled Bilbeisi
    1 Reviews |  two years ago
    The best coffee/atmosphere/service in town Snacks and sweets are surprisingly very good Very nice interior with comfortable chairs and big terrace Reasonable prices Free street parking available افضل قهوة امريكية في عمان يمتاز بخيارات ساندويشات باردة وسلطات وحلويات عديدة وبجودة عالية جدا تصميم المكان جميل والمقاعد مريحة جدا بالاضافة الى تراس خارجي واسع مع توفر مصفات مجانية عديدة للسيارات اسعار المشروبات جيدة جدا بالمقارنة مع الاماكن المجاورة
  • Review Roasters Coffee Jo by Dania
    27 Reviews |  two years ago
    Every time I try to go into this place they don't let me in because it's a "no study" zone, I have my laptop with me because I just came back from work and they wont let me in with a laptop. Very bothered.