Pulse Dance School
Pulse Dance School

Amman - Shmeisani

Obeida bin Al Samit with Al Qadi Elias Street Intersection - beside la merabille zalatimo
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4:00 م - 9:30 م
4:00 م - 9:30 م
4:00 م - 9:30 م
4:00 م - 9:30 م
4:00 م - 9:30 م
4:00 م - 9:30 م
4:00 م - 9:30 م

Reviews (4)

  • Review Pulse Dance School by Safa
    1 Reviews |  3 years ago
    من كم الاعمار المسموح فيها ؟
  • Review Pulse Dance School by Maamon
    1 Reviews |  6 years ago
    مرحبا المكان جدا سيء يعني اتصلنى فيهم المبارح حكولنا في دورة لتعليم بكرا دهبنا في نفس الموعد ما لقينا حدا في النادي في الساعة 5 ضلينا نستنى لسيعة6 المكان جدا سيء ما بنصح حدا يسجل جدا سيييييييييييييييييءءءءءءءءءءءءءء مع كل الاحترام
  • Review Pulse Dance School by Sameer
    29 Reviews |  7 years ago
    Dance schools in Jordan , 1st of all before starting to be honest dance schools in Jordan in general are bad , starting from the instructors to the students moving to the school itself Regarding pulse dance school , the school location is good it's nice it has two dance rooms it's nice and cozy , the instructors most of them are naive and they work for short period of time and leave they hire students to be intstruction if you learned how to dance this doesn't make you an instructor ! I hate that and i used to hate one of the *intstructors* for this reason ,the owner of the school is nice and good however she should spend more time instructing beginners , students it depends on your luck you will find sometimes very nice people who are interested in dancing and nothing else and if u r not lucky you will find ppl looking for life partner there ruining everything everrrrrrrything, sometimes you will feel that you are being pushed to renew your subscription or have to buy some items which is not cool at all .. I think this school is better than many other in Amman but for me it's still below average standards , In Jordan we need sth more professional like the national institute of music but for dancing ... till that learn how to dance by urself or go outside Jordan to learn ...
  • Review Pulse Dance School by Amer
    1 Reviews |  8 years ago
    كتير حلو و طريقة التعليم بتجنن و الجو مرح كتير و عن جد بتنسو الوقت هنيك و دائما بيعملو اشيا لتسلي و رحل و نشاطات بتجنن و اسعارو أرخص من غيرو تقريبا 60 دينار بس في عروض كتير حلوة و خصوصا برمضان