Ponderosa Steak House
Ponderosa Steak House

Abu Dhabi - Electra Street

"Ground Floor, Hamed Centre"
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Reviews (5)

  • Review Ponderosa Steak House by tamkinat
    5 Reviews |  9 years ago
    love to go to Ponderosa.They have a terrific all you can eat buffet with a fantastic variety of foods available. Sure they sell steaks, but I rarely order anything but the buffet. There are lots of different foods, sure to please everyone in my crowd. Once you have finished with the main course, they also have a desert bar where you have your choice of soft ice cream, cookies, brownies, cake, bread pudding, and more. Not only is the food excellent, but it is also very healthy. As I said before, there are lots of different fruits and vegetables as well as meats, several varieties of breads, cottage cheese, puddings and ice cream. It's easy to find something from all food groups.
    The service has always been great, and the restaurant has always been clean
  • Review Ponderosa Steak House by Mais
    29 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Wow, I know I haven't been here since high school, but I think it's safe to say I knew every detail about this place back in the day. Who doesn't love steak and mashed potatoes smothered in gravy. So much win. Going back soon!
  • Review Ponderosa Steak House by Allan
    6 Reviews |  9 years ago
    If you love steak & buffet, this is your place. Ponderosa steak house offers variety of foods and non alcoholic beverages.
    Since their buffets are very much affordable, we often held our parties here. The staffs will even sing a song for the celebrant with matching cake and a candle that makes the occasion more sweet. The atmosphere is nice but if you wish, you can also request them to have a special decorations for the event. The restaurant also have a parking space but you need to pay per hour.
  • Review Ponderosa Steak House by Sharika Marie
    83 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Ponderosa is a cheaper steak house / buffet (eat all you can) place in Abu Dhabi. It is a good value for your money. If you order ala carte, you can go for their eat all you can buffet as well (that is, if you can fit them in your tummy). On their buffet they usually have, spaghetti, spicy chicken, chicken nuggets, meat balls, fish popcorn (something like that), chicken wings, salad, nachos, variety of salads, sundae, Arabic desserts, banana cake, fruits and gelatin. Ala carte menu has a variety of steak / fish / lamb and chips.
    They have a separate area should you require venue for occasions. Customer service is good as well.
  • Review Ponderosa Steak House by jaymar
    1 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Ponderosa steakhouse at electra st. hamed centre i think is the best cheapest restaurant in abu dhabi for only 45dhs you can EAT ALL YOU CAN drinks are included dishes ranges from oriental , western , indian , arabic so many to choose from with good ambiance and good service and its easy to find and its near in gold souk. parking is available around hamed centre. so everytime you visit abu dhabi pass by to this restaurant you can eat more and pay less guaranteed.