Pizza Hut Al Mussalla
Pizza Hut Al Mussalla

Abu Dhabi - Al Mussalla

Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum Street Old Airport Road
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Reviews (2)

  • Review Pizza Hut Al Mussalla by haneen
    32 Reviews |  9 years ago
    i do not really like their pizza i'd prefer lot of other places ,, service is not always good
    price is affordable but not really worth it. it's clean but the staff is disorganized
  • Review Pizza Hut Al Mussalla by Aleen
    18 Reviews |  9 years ago
    ughhhhhhh, don't even TRY to go here on a weekend! i would love to give the staff points on coping with all the traffic they get, but the poor things, it's always so crowded, they can't catch a break any more than any of us can.
    and let's face it. the pizza is pretty damn greasy. nuh-uh. not doing that again. there are better options, and you should be seeking them. and don't even think about delivery: they will leave you hanging on the phone, maybe even shutting it in your face, then they'll call you 5 times coz they're lost, then they'll be half an hour LATE (on top of the half hour you've been waiting)...the cherry on top? they'll charge you for delivery. and it's not the poor delievry guy's fault, it's the call centre. so of course he'll say sorry anyway and you're gonna wanna tip him no one wins