Pierre Cardin
Pierre Cardin

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  • Review Pierre Cardin by Farhana
    9 Reviews |  9 years ago
    For the modern man, buying stuff from Pierre Cardin can lead to that slightly great feeling. You want to be hip, cool and away from the herd, but actually sometimes going with the flow reaps rewards. For example, there’s pretty much always a sale on at Pierre Cardin. What’s more, it’s a safe bet for cheap suits and colourful ties, and the shirts are better than the price would imply.
    It is the first couturier to bring fashion into the street, revolutionize men's style, set up operations throughout the world, and get notable here in Dubai....... Pierre Cardin is known for avant-garde style and space age designs. It prefers geometric shapes and motifs, often ignoring the female form. It advances into unisex fashions, sometimes experimental, and not always practical. Pierre Cardin's empire rapidly expands past fashion frontiers to accessories, furniture, art and environment. With 900 branches spread over 140 countries, the Pierre Cardin trademark is considered one of the most powerful in the world. Pierre Cardin offers fashion and style without sacrificing function, durability and customer service. Among all kinds of luggage, Pierre Cardin's Promenade Spinner Collection stands out with premium craftsmanship, incredible durability and latest trend. Depending on durable construction, trendy design and eye-catching color, Pierre Cardin's Champagne Collection brings such an incredible charm you can literally feel as tasting romantic first-class champagne. When looking for the best luggage available for travel and business, you can turn to Pierre Cardin with confidence. Finally the place is great to buy nice formal and informal dresses........
  • Review Pierre Cardin by ayesha
    30 Reviews |  9 years ago
    its 50 50 according to ma view bcoz all over the year they have 75%off sale and other offers....and their stuff is lil bit expensive in sale too but the quality is gud...more often they have the offer to buy 1 and get 2 or 3 free but the price of one is also tooo high.
  • Review Pierre Cardin by Mike
    6 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Best deals all year round.specially during the Dubai shopping festival, high discounts up to 90%.
    its one of the biggest stores in the mall and it has different types of brands: pierre cardin, Ted lapidus...