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Reviews (14)

  • Review Parfois by Enas
    109 Reviews |  two years ago
    i love their accessories and bags they are unique and out standing plus they are elegant and worth it
  • Review Parfois by Dania
    37 Reviews |  3 years ago
    i love the collection of accessories at parfois the bags are high quality and the prices are very reasonable
  • Review Parfois by Sahar
    34 Reviews |  3 years ago
    One of my favourite Acc. shop, all my bags from Parfois and will be always a loyal customer for it. Good material and good prices.
  • Review Parfois by Aseel
    197 Reviews |  3 years ago
    I like this place for shopping... you can find nice bags, accessories, and other stuff Prices are good, little bit pricey for some items. Good prices on sales.
  • Review Parfois by Ayah
    172 Reviews |  4 years ago
    My favourite destination for scarfs, bags and accessories. Elegant yet simple and trendy!
  • Review Parfois by Reem
    41 Reviews |  8 years ago
    Its where from I buy most of my accessories , Parfois provides every girl with fashionable and stylish bags , wallets , scarfs, shoes, watches and of course casual and fancy accessories . The quality of bags and wallets are very high , you can find bags of all sizes and prices plus the watches are very affordable . I also admire their accessories ( silver and gold ) they are extremely elegant and classy , and suitable for all occasions . I shop there for gifts for my friends because parfois has plenty of options if she want to refund and they also wrap the gifts beautifully . parfois has branches in City Mall,Macce Mall & Al Wakalat street . I Recommend every girl to shop from Parfoise , its realy an amazing store !
  • Review Parfois by Farah
    14 Reviews |  9 years ago
    one of the bestest shops for bags and wallets,, it has its own style that i could not find anywhere else .. very good price, very good customer service ,, and the quality is super good.. the display always attracts me.. highly recommend girls to visit it ,, and you guys trust me your girlfriends will lovvve whatever you get her from PARFOIS =D
  • Review Parfois by dana
    77 Reviews |  9 years ago
    بحب هذا المحل كتير عندو شنتات و شالات و اكسيسوارات و ساعات دايما متجدد ببضاعته و على الموضه و اسعاره مقبولة المحل نظيف و مرتب و خدمته ممتازة و هو في السيتي مول و متوفر خدمة الاصطفاف و الجودة عالية.
  • Review Parfois by Batool
    170 Reviews |  9 years ago
    كتير هادا المحل مرتب و منيح من ناحية الجودة و السعر بحب الشنط الي عندهم عمليين كتير ، و كمان الاكسسورت غريبة و منوعة ،، بحب كيف برتبوا الشياء حسب الالوان :) بفتح النفس على الشرا
  • Review Parfois by Hanan
    41 Reviews |  9 years ago
    كتير بحب هاد المحل، الشناتي عندو بالتحديد كتير مميزه و أخر موضة وسعرها معقول و quality كتير منيح، يعني ما بتخرب بتضلها مده طويله. الاكسسوارات كمان كتير حلوه ، دايماً بشتري من عندهم