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OZ Boutique Restaurant
OZ Boutique Restaurant

Amman - Seventh Circle

Next to Cozmo - Samih Al Shomali Street
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6:00 م - 1:00 ص
6:00 م - 1:00 ص
6:00 م - 1:00 ص
6:00 م - 1:00 ص
6:00 م - 1:00 ص
6:00 م - 1:00 ص
6:00 م - 1:00 ص
  • Valet
  • Alcohol Free

Reviews (10)

  • Review OZ Boutique Restaurant by Dana
    131 Reviews |  3 years ago
    Love the concept, but other than that everything is just average.
  • Review OZ Boutique Restaurant by Hanadi
    1 Reviews |  5 years ago
    When I called them on this number they didn't answer ,,,,,
  • Review OZ Boutique Restaurant by Mira
    49 Reviews |  5 years ago
    We went to OZ last Thursday night. I ordered some food and it took a while until they got us the order, and one of the waiters was rude but the others were nice. Maybe because it was crowded that night I don't know if the service is always like that. The sushi was really good, but the burgers were fine nothing special. They took a cover charge of 25 jds per person, you would expect better service or nicer tables for that amount of money. All in all the place was nice. But there's one thing you need to be aware of if you go on a Thursday night, the valet will take about 20-30 mins to get your car. But again a lot of places are like that on Thursday nights.
  • Review OZ Boutique Restaurant by Majed
    20 Reviews |  6 years ago
    الاكل الاطيب في عمان والأغلى من ناحية الأسعار (خارج فنادق الخمس نجوم) الجلسه لطيفه وخاصة الترس في الصيف
  • Review OZ Boutique Restaurant by Ghaith
    27 Reviews |  6 years ago
    Such a trashy excuse for a fake pretentious concept . 1st of all bad slow service , food took forever and almost inedible, with that cover charge i expected much better. Chairs are wobbly and lights were not working. The worst thing is their 26 and above entry policy to create a prestige were in fact i knew half of the place there and almost no one was above 23. NEWS FLASH : not every girl with high heals and full makeup is 25 and above !! Will never visit again.
  • Review OZ Boutique Restaurant by Mais
    121 Reviews |  6 years ago
    Tried their mini sliders yesterday, I have to say, they are really excellent! and I am not a burger fan usually. Very highly recommended.
  • Review OZ Boutique Restaurant by Hana
    234 Reviews |  7 years ago
    OZ boutique is a new concept in Jordan. I loved the idea of the boutique of handmade clothes in the main entrance. The design and atmosphere are amazing The waiter asked us to have dinner or else there will be a minimum charge of 25 JDs . We ordered chicken with Mozzarella and Permasian cheese , herb and garlic topped with bread crumbs , but when we had it it was a bit different than the description in the menu , the crumbs wasnt enough to cover the chicken breast and you can barely taste any kind of cheese. Every main dish comes with 2 side orders , but the waiter didnt ask us which we wanted , we had to ask him why he didnt ask us , he said that usually customers dont ask for smthn specific so we put anything ...ofcourse I didnt like the answer. The portions were fine and prices were fine as well I will def go there again only for the atmosphere not the food, unless I try something else You have to reserve before you go specially if its the weekend Valet Service 5/10 Food 5/10
  • Review OZ Boutique Restaurant by Mais
    121 Reviews |  7 years ago
    Nice place and great atmosphere. The decorations and seating area are very nice. The service was excellent , our waiter was very friendly, honest about his food recommendations and very attentive. Food is good, portions are fair as well.
  • Review OZ Boutique Restaurant by Yasmin
    12 Reviews |  7 years ago
    Superb food, service and atmosphere
  • Review OZ Boutique Restaurant by Lana
    45 Reviews |  7 years ago
    This place is one of the best new concept places in Amman, great atmosphere amazing food, international, sushi, and drinks. This place was called teatro and the owners did change it to OZ, new design new concept, its a must visit.