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Orchid Flowers
Orchid Flowers

Amman - Um Uthaina

As opposite of Semiramis Sweets
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Reviews (5)

  • Review Orchid Flowers by Mustafa
    21 Reviews |  3 years ago
    A VIP customer to this magnificent flower shop. They always exceed in their performance and great taste. I first went there almost two years ago and have become a regular customer there because they always set up the peace the exact way I described or even better. They are very nice, professionals in what they do in addition to their after sale service; they would call to make sure the followers arrived and that you were content with the package, because i once sent my fiancé a big basket to her work place and later they called her to check if she was happy with it saying that I'm an important customer and they care about their regular clients. If that is not how you care about your clients, I don't know what is. I highly recommend them ☺☺
  • Review Orchid Flowers by Ali
    9 Reviews |  5 years ago
    Worst flowers shop ever... الموظف اللي هناك نفسه يضربك وكشر وصيته على بوكيه قبل ب٥ ساعات، بس رجعت عالمحل بحكيلي دقيقتين بجهزوا... وفعلاً شلفق واحد بدقيقتين... طبعاً الورد دبلان وماكل هوا ومغبر وحالته حالة... اخر مرة ان شاء الله...ت
  • Review Orchid Flowers by Hani
    5 Reviews |  7 years ago
    اول مرة بتعامل معهم و اخر مرة انشالله .. من اول ما دخلت المحل ما لقيت شي جاهز ال عالطلب حكيت ليس طلبت بوكيه بسعر 30 و تاني واحد بسعر 20 و على اساس يوصلوهوم عالعنوان الي اعطيتهم اياه بعد مايصورهم اياهم عشان اشوفهم . طبعا اول مرة بتسير انو طلبو 8 دنانير زيادة بدل توصيل . حكيت ماشي المهم بعتوهم بدون ما يصوروهم ولا اشوفهم حتى ما رنو تلفون علي زي ما حكولي لما يخلص تنسيق و الله اعلم كيف طلعوا . المهم تجربة فاشلة جدااااااا ما بنصح حدا يتعامل معهم ابدا .
  • Review Orchid Flowers by Aya
    74 Reviews |  7 years ago
    i dealt with this place while helping my friend prepare her wedding the employees are so helpful, the sales person showed us samples and made it clear that everything could be changed according to your taste. after choosing your favorite sample he sits up a table in front of the client for a preview and starts to give you advice's about adding candles or any sort of accessories, he dont force you to go with anything he the end its up to you! prices are so good even much cheaper than other flower shops, and getting better results
  • Review Orchid Flowers by Rasha
    42 Reviews |  8 years ago
    المحل كتير حلو كتير مرتب وبصراحة تعاملهم جداً راقي وبسمعو الزباين جربنا المحل لتنظيم ازهار العرس وكيف بعرضها والاهم من هيك انو بعمل العينة وبورجيها للزبون هوة وبالمحل يعني بتطمن كيف شغلو رح يكون،يعني بحضر طاولة العرس انت وموجود وبعطيك افكار كتير حلوة ومش تقليدية بالمرة،المحل كتير مرتب ونضيف وخدماتو ممتازة،صحيح انو الاسعار غالية بس بتستحق الشغل اللي بعملو،والاهتمام اللي بقدمو للزباين.