Sushi night
Kani Salad so yummy and juicy
Review Noodasia by مها
67 Reviews |  9 years ago
المحل عادي جدا،، الخدمة سيئة جدا بدك ساعة حتى ما يرد عليك حدا،، الاسعار أقل من المتوقع ،،، الاكل زاكي بس مو مميز المينيو مو متنوع كتيير،،، التدخين مسموح بالمحل و المحل مل بدو حجز لأنو فاضي بأغلب الاوقات ،، الصفة صعبة و الفالي دايما بيحكي مع الشرطة الي بالكشك فبدك ساعة حتى ما ياخد السيارة،،،

Amman - Abdoun

Abdoun roundabout - In front of the Police booth, on the way to the Orthodox Club
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12:30 ص - 11:30 م
12:30 ص - 11:30 م
12:30 ص - 11:30 م
12:30 ص - 11:30 م
12:30 ص - 11:30 م
11:30 ص - 12:30 ص
11:30 ص - 12:30 ص
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  • Outdoor Parking
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  • Cash
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  • Serves Alcohol
  • Alcohol Free
Dress Code
  • Casual
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  • Support KHCF Care Program
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  • Free Wifi
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  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Buffet
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Reviews (79)

  • Review Noodasia by Sarah
    38 Reviews |  one year ago
    Tried the buffet there more than once, they have a big variety of sushi, and it’s fresh made in front of you. They also have two salads, noodles, fish, and beef on the buffet, made with different sauces, as well as plain rice. The sushi tastes AMAZING! I never hesitate to go there again and again. The noodles was okay though, not tasty. Service and staff are very friendly. And they also have a valet service. Recommended:)
  • Review Noodasia by Wafaa
    27 Reviews |  two years ago
    Feb/ 2019,2nd time eating here. Still below average food, noodles were just inedible!
  • Review Noodasia by Abdullah
    2 Reviews |  two years ago
    جربته من فترة و هو واخد من افصل محلات السوشي بعمان بالنسبة الي .. كتيير زاكي و تضيف .. بعملوا بالعادة open buffet سعره كتير مناسب و في اصناف من السوشي سفاحة ببساطة بنصح كل حدا بحب السوشي بعمان
  • Review Noodasia by Mohamad
    26 Reviews |  two years ago
    buffet was average in quantities but better in taste .. manager was very bad in dealing with huge number of people coming that day as there was a discount from careem ... we had to wait for like 40 minutes .. buffet was empty most of the times ... will try to visit again to see if it would be different when it is not crowded
  • Review Noodasia by Bashar
    14 Reviews |  two years ago
    Best sushi buffet in amman
  • Review Noodasia by Amal
    89 Reviews |  two years ago
    I went to the sushi night on Sunday. The sushi is fresh and they have lot of varieties. The staff is friendly and decorations are nice. I didnt taste other food
  • Review Noodasia by Sirine
    14 Reviews |  3 years ago
    great atmosphere very asian delicious food i just love it
  • Review Noodasia by Shadia
    85 Reviews |  3 years ago
    The sushi bar is amazing. Many many different varieties and of very good quality. Staff is very polite and understanding. Speed for normal orders is good but it can be improved. As for the sushi, its the best you can get for the price, but there are better ones out there which is why i dropped a star. Experience is amazing and will be coming back soon.
  • Review Noodasia by Alaa M. Habahbeh
    17 Reviews |  3 years ago
    azka asian food baklo be 7yatii o zabt o ndeef o jaw asian 7elo bt7s enk 3aysh m3hom ... ❤
  • Review Noodasia by Emad
    71 Reviews |  3 years ago
    Great experience, tasty food, delicious and variety of Sushi All inclusive of 25JD (open buffet) The service is nice, the waiters are really good, and the place is classy I recommend it , especially for couples and groups. تجربة رائعة، الطعام لذيذ ومتنوع من السوشي 25JD (بوفيه مفتوح) الخدمة لطيفة، والمكان أنيق أوصي به، وخاصة للأزواج والمجموعات.