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Bader Barqoni performed at the 6th concert
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شاربل زوايده احد الطلبة الموهوبين على الة الكمان في بيت الموسيقى
Music House
Music House

Music House

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Amman - Dair Ghbar

Dair Gbar - 9 Mohammad Zghoul Street - behind Total Air Port Gas Station
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9:30 ص - 7:30 م
11:30 ص - 7:30 م
11:30 ص - 7:30 م
11:30 ص - 7:30 م
11:30 ص - 7:30 م
11:30 ص - 3:00 م
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Reviews (26)

  • Review Music House by Samer Yusef Almansi
    6 Reviews |  two years ago
    سعرهم كتير غالي ولا أستفيد من الدرس اشي 45 دقيقه عل فاضي وانا ندمان إني سجلت عندهم .
  • Review Music House by Manal
    1 Reviews |  two years ago
    An amazing place to learn music from the most talented teachers in Amman.
  • Review Music House by Lana Alasad
    1 Reviews |  two years ago
    من اجمل الأماكن لتعليم الموسيقى والباليه في عمان،نحن معهم من اكثر من سنة،تعامل لطيف،ومواعيد ممتازة ومناسبة للجميع.ومدرسين ممتازين ومؤهلين .
  • Review Music House by Mais
    1 Reviews |  two years ago
    It’s the most friendly and comfortable place in Amman to have music and dance lessons.... you could experience the commitment and professionalism starting from he receptionist to the music teachers and administrators.
  • Review Music House by Ayman Ammari
    1 Reviews |  two years ago
    Music house is a place for having a wonderful musical experience, great teachers, modern music teaching and learning vision led by professional and expert people, very kind friendly stuff, comfortable location. Thanks for Dr. Ayman and Dr. Muna.
  • Review Music House by Rana el hadid
    1 Reviews |  two years ago
    Friendly atmosphere and flexible hours Ive registered both my kids and looking forward to continuing their music learning journey i highly recommend it
  • Review Music House by Reem
    1 Reviews |  two years ago
    Can't think of a better place for kids as well as adults to learns music and dance! Safe zone, cheerful and professional staff all the way..
  • Review Music House by Fadi
    1 Reviews |  two years ago
    تجربتنا معكم اكثر من رائعة درجة عالية من المهنية و التقنية في التعليم الموسيقى دقة في المواعيد ابني من اصغر الاطفال في هذا المركز و قد اكتسب معظم المهارات الموسيقة الاساسية بسرعة و من خلال الدور الكبير الرائع للمعلمة المشرفة على تدريبه لكم منا كل الاحترام والتقدير
  • Review Music House by Margo
    1 Reviews |  two years ago
    مكان رائع ومميز لتعلم الموسيقى تحت اداره ناجحة و اساتذة كفؤ و موظفين متعاونين ...
  • Review Music House by Ghazi
    1 Reviews |  two years ago
    Tellingly, the music House has the most beautiful family oriented environment culture in Amman. I would keenly say that the center has a very great friendly management, and super qualified music teachers. Also, The staff always show full cooperation and cordial engagement. I would request from the management to hold further shows in public so the students can get more self confidence to perform and display their improved talents.