Mountain Breeze Resort
Mountain Breeze Resort

Salt - Gilead

Al Salt - Jelaad - Next to Zai
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10:00 ص - 8:00 م
10:00 ص - 8:00 م
10:00 ص - 10:00 م
10:00 ص - 10:00 م
10:00 ص - 10:00 م
10:00 ص - 8:00 م
10:00 ص - 8:00 م
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Reviews (27)

  • Review Mountain Breeze Resort by Ran DK
    155 Reviews |  two years ago
    Nice getaway place though very pricey. Nevertheless, worth it!
  • Review Mountain Breeze Resort by Grace
    13 Reviews |  two years ago
    حلو المكان بس اسعاره غالية
  • Review Mountain Breeze Resort by Enas
    109 Reviews |  two years ago
    its a place located in salt not too far away from amman they have paint ball activity hotel and resturant its a nice place with nice landscaping and nice quiet green classy atmosphere the paint ball was nice with full protection but the resturant taste was horrible it was very expensive on a very small portions and un eatable food with no flavour but the view qas over taking
  • Review Mountain Breeze Resort by Hadeel
    107 Reviews |  two years ago
    This place is quite nice I’ve visited it with couple of friends we experienced the paintball it’s cool if the weather is nice cause it’s outdoor and then we moved to the restaurant the view is breathtaking the restaurant is nice the menu has varieties but the quality of food isn’t that good Kinda below average and the prices are kinda expensive but I loved the experience overall
  • Review Mountain Breeze Resort by Shadia
    85 Reviews |  two years ago
    The place and the view is very beautiful and its quite relaxing atmosphere! However, the food and the service is not the best. Worth going this long drive from Amman maybe one time only to enjoy the views.
  • Review Mountain Breeze Resort by Abdallah
    74 Reviews |  two years ago
    زرتهم قبل فترة و جربت عندهم ال paint ball كانت منتعة و المكان واسع و مرتب، جربت عندهم الغدا طلبت شاورما و مشاوي كان الاكل سيء مو زاكي و غالي كثيير كثيير القعدة حلوة و الخدمة جيدة بس الكل سيء
  • Review Mountain Breeze Resort by Nada
    42 Reviews |  4 years ago
    The place is nice but not to stay there for a whole day, so you have to drive from Amman around 45-60 minutes to get there. The view is really nice however the service is not great and it is very expensive . If you are planning to spend a couple of hours for shisha and drinks it can be a good place to get away. Also, they have a meeting room there but it only fit for around 15 people max .
  • Review Mountain Breeze Resort by Mohammed Nazzal
    2 Reviews |  5 years ago
    imagine you self spending 1 hr heading to This place and making reservation and after arrival they said the restaurant is closed.. they are careless.. and irresponsible
  • Review Mountain Breeze Resort by Rana
    2 Reviews |  5 years ago
    المكان جميل جدا , الخدمة سيئة جدا , قائمة المقبلات محدودة للغاية و هنالك اصناف موضوعة على المنيو غير متوفرة بالمطعم , اسعاره جدا مرتفعة بالنسبة لقائمة الطعام المتوفرة و الطعم عادي للغاية , لن نقوم انا و عائلتي بتجربته مرة ثانية و لا أنصح بالذهاب اليه
  • Review Mountain Breeze Resort by Omar
    1 Reviews |  5 years ago
    المكان ولا اروع منه بس المشكله الخدمه كانت سيئه جدا واسعاره لاتتناسب مع مستوى الخدمه فقط المكان جميل والاجواء بديعه