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Futouh Al Khair Centre
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  • Review Mirabel by Shaza
    62 Reviews |  9 years ago
    I went there for just one time , it was on breakfast ... their breakfast is really, really good, and they do many choices : the Arabic, or the English breakfast, or the American pancake b-fast w/fresh tropical fruits, and even Spanish style....and tastes as good as it looks.
    Go on, go try it out, and I recommend everyone trying a different breakfast, so you can share! Lovely setting and Good stuff...
  • Review Mirabel by BASMA
    6 Reviews |  9 years ago
    u can have shisha and food and playing cards with ur friends in ramdan coa they open till sohor it's really nice place and i love to go there always with my friends to have some fun
  • Review Mirabel by haneen
    32 Reviews |  9 years ago
    their food is the best thing u can ever taste. they do everything perfectly i love their pastas ,,their salmon sandwich is more than amazing! service should be highly appreciated , prices are affordable .
    i recommend everyone to go and enjoy the best food
  • Review Mirabel by Aleen
    18 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Lovely seating indoors and smokers are kicked out to the mall, which is good news for the non-smokers.
    The food is served in a near-gourmet manner, and the service is efficient without being overbearing. Just about the only downside is the location. It seems strange to go out of your way to get to a mall with very few decent stores. But that also means that it's never too crowded to find a table :)
  • Review Mirabel by Mubarak
    25 Reviews |  9 years ago
    This is a good place to go with your family, I think. It's got a good vibe to it, and it's very clean with a decent crowd.
    The food is very good, and the drinks are all fresh (I thought the Bombay Chai Iced tea is a great infusion of flavour).
  • Review Mirabel by Ahmad
    32 Reviews |  9 years ago
    It's a bit uppity for my taste, but I can't deny the quality. I thought it was a bit pricey for a cafe, but if you look at it as a restaurant, then it's quite good.
    I wouldn't head out all the way here just for the cafe, though...I think they should open up another branch in Khalidiya or somewhere more accessible outside of a mall. They do have killer fries for a french place though!
  • Review Mirabel by Mais
    29 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Have to agree on the excellent service, and the impeccable quality of both the food and the presentation.
    It's not often I get to Futouh Al Khair centre, but this place makes it worth the shopping trip!
  • Review Mirabel by Hana
    34 Reviews |  9 years ago
    EXCELLENT service. I can't begin to explain how friendly the waitresses were. I ordered a shared meal with my friend, and without asking, they brought out the same meal on two plates...how cute is that? And that's just the tip of it. They're very precise about making sure to ask you questions like if you want ice or lemon with your drink, which should go without saying but most places don't bother.
    Oh, and well done on the food! The menu also features vegetarian items, which is a rare treat in the middle east. Easily deserves a gold star sticker :P