Amman - Abdali Boulevard

Abdali Mall

Reviews (8)

  • Review Mingle by Yasmen
    19 Reviews |  one year ago
    المكان كتير حلو والاكل كتير زاكي والخدمه كتير ممتازه
  • Review Mingle by Ola Al-azraq
    15 Reviews |  two years ago
    المكان جميل والديكور حلو ومميز وإطلالة المكان كتير حلوة وطريقة التقديم مميزة وجديدة مكان لطيف بيستحق التجربة
  • Review Mingle by Aya
    17 Reviews |  two years ago
    جربت هل مكان من جديد و كان جد بجنن، الاطلالة رائعة و الأكل كتير كتير زاكي ،حتى الأرجيلة ممتازة و ما كان في أي تعامل غلط من يلي بيشتغلوا هناك و الأسعار بتناسب يلي عم يتقدملك بالمقابل..بنصح فيه كتير
  • Review Mingle by Maram hilal
    1 Reviews |  two years ago
    Great place with fantastic service and nice view outdoor. I really like it.
  • Review Mingle by Shadia
    85 Reviews |  two years ago
    I love every single details in this place I prefer to go to it in the morning The breakfast was so yummy To be honest Highly recommended
  • Review Mingle by Enas
    109 Reviews |  two years ago
    nice place and great view the outdoor seatings its the best quality about it and sometimes you just cant find a place to set as everyone wanan set out
  • Review Mingle by Dana
    131 Reviews |  two years ago
    Went for brunch a couple of weeks ago. What's really special about Mingle is the outdoor seating area, it's on the terrace at Abdali mall and the view is great. Tried the omlette, turkey sandwich and the triple splash and everything was delicious. The service is very good and I highly recommend it on Fridays.
  • Review Mingle by Hadeel
    107 Reviews |  3 years ago
    I tried this place recently and I absolutely love it it’s so young and fresh the interior is amazing I fell in love with their lightings and the colors are so vivid when it comes to food it’s super delicious their mushroom sliders are so yummy the bun is fluffy and the taste is so good the fries are so good as well and the butterfly shrimps are my favorite!