Miami business center offers a customized work space for:  Training,Lectures,Event-Business-Meeting -Indivihdual study-Group study-Freelance-Seminar
مدخل الشقق الفندقية تحت و ميامي بزنس سنتر في الطابق التالت من الشقق
وجبة تيركي وقشقوان ب 2.5 دينار
Miami Business Center
Miami Business Center

Amman - Madina Munawara St

AL-Madina Al-mnwarh Street -Al-madina complex No. 251
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10:00 ص - 12:00 ص
10:00 ص - 12:00 ص
10:00 ص - 12:00 ص
10:00 ص - 12:00 ص
10:00 ص - 12:00 ص
2:00 ص - 12:00 ص
10:00 ص - 12:00 ص
  • Smoking Free

Reviews (5)

  • Review Miami Business Center by Mosa
    10 Reviews |  two years ago
    موقع دراسي مميز جداً تصميم جذاب يوفر خدمات تلبي احتياجات الطلاب قاعات مميزه ومجهزه للإجتماعات
  • Review Miami Business Center by أروى
    18 Reviews |  3 years ago
    المكان اقرب ما يكون لكوفي شوب من كونه مكان للدراسة عجقة عجقة بشكل لا يوصف و مهتمين بالديكور يكون شكله لطيف اكتر من كونه هل هو عملي او لا .. ولما دخلت الغرفة السايلنت صافين الكراسي بطريقة مزعجة بحيث بتخبط بلي وراك لو بدك تدرس و مكان ديييييق وصغير وبشكل عام المكان كله ديق ما في يافطة برا تلد عالمكان بس هو داخل شقق فندقية بالطابق التالت صراحة ندمت اني اشتركت فيه و علي بابا الي بشارع الجامعة احسن بكتير لواحد بدو يدرس مش بدو يتمنظر ما رح اكرر التجربة ابدا
  • Review Miami Business Center by Fadwa
    12 Reviews |  4 years ago
    gives good details and cooperative
  • Review Miami Business Center by Sekrab
    5 Reviews |  5 years ago
    It's all good, the working desks available are cramped inside with somehow cold temperature, but the fact that there are many of them is great. The chairs could be a bit better, maybe armless chairs are better The main area with the view over Madeena street is great, but the tables are not set for work, rather for meeting, or studying. There is a dedicated place for prayer. One downer is the opening hours, they open at 10 AM, which is kind of late. The one seriously bad thing about this place is their dedicated smoking area, it's very large, and the glass door barely holds the smoke inside. At one point, it was unbearable to be in the office, I had to leave because my eyes were starting to itch.
  • Review Miami Business Center by Nasser
    1 Reviews |  5 years ago
    It is an awesome place to get you work/study done, been there many times. the staff is friendly, they are very welcoming, you only pay 3 jds as entry fees (you can order from a variety of beverages with the 3 Jds you paid) Good WiFi connection, there is a power outlet for each table , there is a smoking area, clean restrooms and a place to pray