A combination of raspberry yoghurt, cereal, peanuts, pomegranate and not sure what else!
It's true, they made us smile :)
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My frozen yogurt mix 9.5/10
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Redvelvet cake yogurt
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Review Menchie's by Lana
46 Reviews |  8 years ago
I am in love with frozen yoghurt, and since mencheis is the new hot place I decided to give it a try, the place is nice, the guy who works there is supper nice, I tried couple of flavors to check what I want, but I couldn't taste the yoghurt, they taste like ice cream even the milk I was a bit disappointed. anyway toppings are ok nothing funky or extra yummy fruits and basic items to add on top, price for yoghurt that tastes like ice cream it's expensive , I paid 9 jod, personally won't try it again.

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