Meem Gallery

Dubai - Al Quoz

"Warehouse # 1, Kanoo Warehouse Complex, Sheikh Zayed Road, 4th Interchange"

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  • Review Meem Gallery by Deb
    21 Reviews |  9 years ago
    I went to look at their exhibition on Art In Iraq Today. Situated in an industrial area it was not an impressive entrance. However they have accomplished a pleasant atmosphere inside the gallery.
    There were only 15 pieces of art on display and the majority were extremely large and would not fit in a regular home. As a westerner I did not know any of the artists so they may well have been very famous. I have to say however I was not so impressed with the art. There was only 1 painting that I liked and it was over 80,000 Dhs. I am not sure what their target market is but I don't imagine there is many who would have this art in their home. I will go back to look at future exhibitions and hope to update my review to a more positive one.