Manaseer Gas Station
Manaseer Gas Station

Amman - Queen Rania Street - University St

"Queen Rania Al-Abdullah Street,"
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  • Review Manaseer Gas Station by Ali
    5 Reviews |  7 years ago
    اعتبر احسن مكان لتزود الوقود
  • Review Manaseer Gas Station by Romouz
    243 Reviews |  7 years ago
    I got a flat tire on my way to work today, one of the most frustrating things ever especially to a woman. However, i was lucky enough to be next to the manaseer station in University street! I didnt need to set one foot out of the car as they inspected the punchered wheel, showed me where the problem is ,offered different types of patches and recommended one of them. The staff are nothing like what i would expect at a typical gas station or car repairs ..really really polite and respectful. They turned a really bad thing to a not so bad experience after all. It's worth mentioning that this is one of few stations I trust when it comes to filling my car with gas, the machines are new and the prices are made clear on the billboard. Good Job truly and Im proud we have a local chain that serves our needs at the same level other global ones are doing!
  • Review Manaseer Gas Station by Somaiah
    155 Reviews |  8 years ago
    محطة المناصير كل يوم بعبي منها بنزين وانا رايحه عالشغل كتير مرتبه ونظيفه والعمال بشوشين وبشتغلو من تم ساكت مابحكو معك ولا كلمه وكلهم لابسين يونيفورم واحد بعطيك انطباع كتير مريح وبالفتره يلي بستنا فيها العامل بمسح زجاج السياره وبنظفو وبسألك ازا محتاج اي خدمه تانيه.. خدمة تغير زيت السياره بتجنن وعنجد بفهموا بشغلهم وغسيل السياره كمان بتطلع بتضوي ضوي ماعليهم اي كلام خدمات سوبر وبالنسبه للأسعار فا حاطين لافته الكترونيه كبيره عليها الاسعار اليوميه للمحروقات الشي الوحيد يلي مابحبوا انو مكان يلي بدك تطلع من المحطه زي نزله صغيره عالشارع الرئيسي وطبعا بعد ما اخدو نص الشارع مشان مشروع الباص السريع صار ازمه كتير وبدك وقت لتطلع
  • Review Manaseer Gas Station by قتيبة
    43 Reviews |  9 years ago
    I always visit al manser gas station to clean my car and also to do oil changes, regarding the cleaning they are fast and very good if you dont have any stains on your car and by stains I mean the remains of a duct tape or some asfelt stains, they cant deal with it they use the ordinary water and soap method and dont have any special materials to help getting rid of these stains the only thing they can do is ask you to buy half liter of diesel  and try to remove the stain with it, and imagine the smell you will suffer from on your car due to using it, the price is fair it only cost 2,5 JD and if you want an extra 1 JD to the worker, and they will give you an air re-freshener. 
    regarding the the oil changes they are very professionals they have a variety of oil types and prices they will give u a free car wash when you do oil change BUT you need to be careful because it is only valid for about 2 weeks and they simply don't tell you that, they also will do check up on the car filters like the oil filter and air filter and clean it or replace it if needed.