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Mall of the Emirates
Mall of the Emirates

Dubai - Al Barsha

Sheikh Zayed Road, 4th Interchange, Al Barsha 1.
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Reviews (46)

  • Review Mall of the Emirates by mdyn1407
    1 Reviews |  4 years ago
    مول بغاية الروعه متوفر به كل ما تحتاج ولجميع المستويات كما يمتاز بوجود مواقف سيارات كبير جدا بالاضافة الى توفير جميع الماركات العالمية تحت سقف واحد
  • Review Mall of the Emirates by خلود
    2 Reviews |  5 years ago
    هو مكان جميل ولكن يوجد عيب فيه لاتوجد رقابه على الاجانب لا نود ان نرى الملابس الغير محتشمه فيه
  • Review Mall of the Emirates by Ogibe
    4 Reviews |  6 years ago
    لو تاخذ لك اسبوع ماتقدر تلفه كامل من كبره
  • Review Mall of the Emirates by Bahaa
    8 Reviews |  6 years ago
    The most practical mall in Dubai. It has every store one would need and is entertaining sometimes.
  • Review Mall of the Emirates by Lina
    79 Reviews |  8 years ago
    One of the biggest malls in dubai, it has everything from shopping (fashion, furniture, electronics, Grocery ), entertainment (Magic Planet which is an indoor family entertainment center and Ski Dubai , cinemas), Food (Restaurants, Cafes, Fast Food), and hotels.
  • Review Mall of the Emirates by A
    44 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Lovely place for everyone, Indoor Ice Ski and almost all branded shops under one roof. Well maintained Mall, Easily available parking and Variety of food cafes/resturants . I recomend it to everyone and tourist as well, because this Mall is considered as Dubai's Icon!
  • Review Mall of the Emirates by Md.Aman Ullah
    1 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Still I can remember the sweet memories of Mall of the Emirates. I have worked in UAE as Project Engineer for nearly 4 years. My first project was a B+G+8 type building construction. It is located on the south-east side of this mall. I used to buy everything I need from this mall especially groceries, electronics and home appliances. Some electronic gadgets still I am using although it is purchased back in 2006. The product is a Sandisk MP3 player. It brings me entire satisfaction purchasing anything from Mall of the Emirates. Thanks to the authority to build and operate nicely such a world class shopping mall.
  • Review Mall of the Emirates by Cheryl Anne
    4 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Mall of the Emirates! How could i forget this place? This is where my current boyfriend and I met during my first few days here in Dubai. I find this place totally amazing! Can you imagine having a huge indoor ski dome in a place like this? I couldn't until i laid my eyes on it! I'd surely recommend this place to people who wants to go shopping for the sake of it. There's much shops to choose from and if you're commuting, you wouldn't have issues on it because the place is very accessible. There's Dubai Metro which is conveniently connected to the mall and taxis are always available! Where else would you go?
  • Review Mall of the Emirates by shifa
    4 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Mall Of The Emirates Is The Best Mall In Dubai. You Can Get The Best Electronics Stores, Shopping Stores And Grocery Items In Affordable Prices. If Kids Want Fun, They Can Go To Magic Planet And Ski Dubai.
  • Review Mall of the Emirates by Zai
    8 Reviews |  9 years ago
    I have been ..a verylong time now. a great mall but can't say it's my fav...
    I wouldn't comment much about the mall as I didn't like it a lot as when I visited it I got to see all my enemies that day, when I say enemies not like enemies I would fight with but show off a lot... wanna be's something I really dislike so my visit was a quick one and I left but the reviews of others it's an amazing mall so I would recommend people to go still...