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Leila Min Lebnen
Leila Min Lebnen

Amman - Abdoun

US Embassy Round About
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Reviews (8)

  • Review Leila Min Lebnen by Wafaa
    27 Reviews |  3 years ago
    extremely and utterly expensive! stupid name for a stupid restaurant! Bland tasteless somewhat disgusting food!
  • Review Leila Min Lebnen by بسيم
    1 Reviews |  4 years ago
    مش معقول كم صحن على الفطار يدفع عليهم الشخص الواحد 18 دينار!!! عشر اشخاص فاتورة ب 177 دينار ..فتة و حلوم و بيض.. وشاي منيح ما رحنا تغدينا بنفهم يكون في كلف و ايجار و.. و.. و بس بالعقل لوين رايحين يا جماعة اربحوا.. بس ما تخسروا زباينكم متل المطاعم اللي بالمطارات.. عارفين ما رح ترجع .. بيسلخوك
  • Review Leila Min Lebnen by Murad
    1 Reviews |  4 years ago
    للمرة الثانية الموظفون بخدعونا في الطلب وكأنها سياسة المحل للأسف. بطلب المشاوي بحسب قائمة الطعام (١١ دينار) وبسأل كم سيخ والجواب بكون ٣. بس لما تيجي الفاتورة السعر بمون ١٤ والشب بكذب وبحكيلي انه حكالي انه ال ١١ دينار بيجي سيخين بس. عيب والله
  • Review Leila Min Lebnen by Wael
    2 Reviews |  4 years ago
    Poor quality of foods Using in healthy component such as canned hommos. Waiters are in trained. Long waiting time for bread which lead you to fire up.
  • Review Leila Min Lebnen by Moe
    2 Reviews |  4 years ago
    Very nice place. Loved the atmosphere. Is it true that it is owned by Assi helani ?
  • Review Leila Min Lebnen by Ayah H
    5 Reviews |  5 years ago
    I was there last week the place is amazing, service is very good we eat dinner it was delicious...
  • Review Leila Min Lebnen by Raneem
    8 Reviews |  5 years ago
    i visited the restaurant in Amman it was nice place nice service and nice foods, but it suits to be restaurant more than cafe..the shisha was amazing but its expensive compared with the other cafes
  • Review Leila Min Lebnen by Olga
    16 Reviews |  5 years ago
    Had late brunch, almost lunch today.. Nice interior design, ladish... flowerish, but comforting and calm.. Not crowded, quiet atmosphere with excellent service.. Food is good, we tried almost all of the mezza (spicy hummus, labneh bil zeit, warak inab , soujouk and ...) it was great ..Grilled Halloumi is outstanding (it's grilled/baked one), i loved it. But what's really worth mentioning is "Sparkling Leila" (I guess, it's their specialty) you have to try it, refreshing and delicious drink..