Lebanese Flower Bakery & Sweets
Lebanese Flower Bakery & Sweets

Abu Dhabi - Al Wahdah

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  • Review Lebanese Flower Bakery & Sweets by S
    30 Reviews |  9 years ago
    where can one find amazing qatayef in AD ? well there r many places but only one caught my eye with great awe and that is the Lebanese flower bakery & sweets . what most allured me to shop at this bakery is its great
    aroma that is a mixture of many of its delicious freshly cooked pastries . the qatayef they serve are out of this world , they have a very delicious in every way. you wont stop at that for they offer many other traditional Lebanese sweets that are very scrumptious .So don't wait long and go there to shop for great pastries that will sweeten your Ramadan !
  • Review Lebanese Flower Bakery & Sweets by Marah
    6 Reviews |  9 years ago
    What is an atom without its orbital electrons? What is a photon of light without its energy? And what is Ramadan without its Qafayef?? Okay, i may have gone a bit too big on the Ramadan part, but seriously, who doesnt crave that one or two Qatayefs after a long blessful day of fasting followed by a pleasant iftar, to place a cherry over that plate of satisfaction? Well, one thing i know for sure is that I do ! And i know just the place that has it all perfectly done and prepared for you to pass by and pick up its perfectness .. Why ofcoarse, the Lebanese Flower Bakery.
  • Review Lebanese Flower Bakery & Sweets by Gulnar
    9 Reviews |  9 years ago
    They provide the finest Dates all they way form lebanon and Turkey ...we usually buy dates during ramazan everytime..they truely delicious ...it feels good after opening our fast with these dates
  • Review Lebanese Flower Bakery & Sweets by Abdullah
    9 Reviews |  9 years ago
    its great place to find what ever you want of Arabic or western sweets , like qatayef , magrabiya , golaj and kenafa . they make then in a perfect way that takes you some where else with your mind
  • Review Lebanese Flower Bakery & Sweets by Blue
    7 Reviews |  9 years ago
    the place gets busy quick, but if you get there early enough you will not have any trouble buying your qatayef from there.
    their qatayef is just great, it not too thin or too thick, and it's not like pancake almost dried from both sides.
  • Review Lebanese Flower Bakery & Sweets by Nards
    5 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Lebanese Bakery qatayef dough is incomparable. It's tasty and affordable as well. Well, I am not arabic but I used to eat the dough with butter and sugar. Make it hot in microwave oven. I eat it like a pan cake. I love it!
  • Review Lebanese Flower Bakery & Sweets by Marion
    22 Reviews |  9 years ago
    This bakery is often overshadowed by it's big brother next door, 'Lebanese Flower'. Don't confuse the two. The bakery is especially famous for it's pastries. Meat and chees, Labneh and Zatar, everything that every pastry lover enjoys. They're also dirt cheap as you'll pay between 6 to 8 Dirham for most.
    It's a quick meal and affordable. If it's not scorching ourside, they have shisha too for the fans of the pipe. All in all great food. The service isn't as great as you get in other places, but you forget to complain after a good meal.