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Kubbeh Nation
Kubbeh Nation

Amman - Fifth Circle

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  • Review Kubbeh Nation by Ban
    4 Reviews |  5 years ago
    So good we like it
  • Review Kubbeh Nation by Farah Wahhab
    11 Reviews |  6 years ago
    we requested for a delivery, they promissed ti bring us dishes spoons...and they did not. there was no bill with the delivery, only a sticker with bill amount and delivery fee not included in the bill! the food is clean and tasty.
  • Review Kubbeh Nation by a
    5 Reviews |  6 years ago
    great kubbeh although I would love it more if it was a bit more fatty buy I am sure if I requested it. it would be customized. overall its delicious
  • Review Kubbeh Nation by Lana
    45 Reviews |  7 years ago
    kubbeh is one of my favorite dishes, and kubbeh nation nailed it, tasty, fresh, yummy, and they deliver it hot. I couldnt stop and I can finish it all by my self, not oily or dry its perfect. all ingredients inside are mixed perfectly. definitely ill order it again, reasonable price for a healthy home made dish.
  • Review Kubbeh Nation by دعاء
    328 Reviews |  7 years ago
    Been a fan of Kubbeh "bel senyeh" since i tasted it for the first time years ago in kuwait! i was thrilled to know that now in Amman there is a business dedicated to Kubbeh served in a pan and i had to order it. I called 3 hours before Iftar time and my order was accepted and i received it 5 minutes before Azan. If you order one day before they can send it raw to you and bake it with a bit of olive oil on top when you need to. For the first look you think portions are small, but the medium pan actually served 3 of us for 2 days! Meat was well seasons and was delivered warm. Delivery is available via delivery one service. I recommend it for the kubbeh lovers.
  • Review Kubbeh Nation by Bassel
    310 Reviews |  7 years ago
    كنت معزوم عاالإفطار وكان من ضمن الأكل الموجود كانو طالبين من كبة نيشن الصينية الحجم وسط الكبة حجما منيح ع حجم الوسط كان شكلا زاكي وشهي وموديل الكبة مشهي كتير بعد الشوي كانت الطعمة زاكية كتير كتير والكبة كتير طيبة وناحجة جدا وكانت شوي كريسبي ملاحظة : الكبة بتصل مو مشوية وفي ميزة حلوة كتير ميزة التوصيل بصير عن طريق delivery one التوصاي بتكون بنفس النهار تجربة كانت جيدة جدا