Koboz ow Shai
Koboz ow Shai

Aqaba & Wadi Rum - Hotels Area

In Tala Bay. Block 11. No. 2 next to Platters

Reviews (2)

  • Review Koboz ow Shai by Razan
    59 Reviews |  8 years ago
    I have recently been to this place after reading about it here on Jeeran. I understood from the lady who was very pleasant that they are not officially open, so this may explain the lack of many of the items they said they had on the menu. I ordered a cheese Sandwich that was very average. It had olives in it and that is it!! I assumed I'll get couple of cucumber slices or pickles on the side, like we usually get in other places. The place is located just by the Marina, so you having a gorgeous view of all the boats and people walking by. Lots of potential here, I really hope they can develop their services to match Tala Bay standards.
  • Review Koboz ow Shai by Sara
    17 Reviews |  8 years ago
    This just recently opened a few days ago actually. But I love the idea. Its in a perfect area within Tala Bay. The food is delish! Loved their mana2eesh and Diana the owner was very friendly and welcoming. Definitely recommended when you're anytime in Aqaba!