Amman - Shmeisani

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10:00 ص - 4:00 ص
10:00 ص - 4:00 ص
10:00 ص - 4:00 ص
10:00 ص - 4:00 ص
10:00 ص - 4:00 ص
10:00 ص - 4:00 ص
10:00 ص - 4:00 ص
  • Indoor Parking
  • Outdoor Parking
Payment Method
  • Cash
  • Alcohol Free
Data Points
  • Accept Credit Cards
General Features
  • Child Seat
Internet Connection
  • Free Wifi
Meals Served
  • Brunch
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Background Music
Offers and Discounts
  • Weekly Offers
Reservation/ Appointment
  • No Reservation / Appointment
  • Indoor Area
Service Type
  • Self Service
  • Take Out
  • Delivery
  • Drive Through
  • Smoking Free

Reviews (109)

  • Review KFC by Falwlek
    23 Reviews |  one year ago
    I really love the Twister, the best ever
  • Review KFC by huh
    64 Reviews |  one year ago
    Twister sandwich is so good
  • Review KFC by anas hindi
    4 Reviews |  two years ago
    my visit to kfc was a dreadful experience, it all started when the fried chicken i ordered came very oily and unbearable to look at, secondly the staff members were not friendly and a bit aggressive. lastly the order was not what i ordered at all and they got it all mixed up.
  • Review KFC by Ammar
    4 Reviews |  two years ago
    لذيذ جدا لكن اسعاره عالية
  • Review KFC by Qays
    6 Reviews |  two years ago
    the chicken was not good coked, so hot i can't hold it in my hand
  • Review KFC by محمد المفلح القرشي
    24 Reviews |  3 years ago
    مطعم تابع لمجموعة Kfc بس بينه وبين حاله بتحسه تابع لمطاعم مخيم النصر ما في اهتمام بالمرة والطلب بتطول لحيتك وانت بتستناه ونظافة سيئة
  • Review KFC by Amjad
    5 Reviews |  3 years ago
    This review is about KFC itself not about this branch in specific. KFC is one of the worst fried chicken fast food ever. They might give you a chicken that has blood in it literally we found blood in the chicken itself.
  • Review KFC by Sami
    2 Reviews |  3 years ago
    اسوء فرع لل kfc يعني الخدمة سيئة والاكل مو مستوي مرات بحسو
  • Review KFC by Anas
    2 Reviews |  3 years ago
    bad experience today, rice is not cooked well, employee and manager replace the rice with rice have the same problem. Again manager is not apologize and replace the food.
  • Review KFC by Mustafa
    21 Reviews |  3 years ago
    They once had this spicey meal topping that was just tasteless and really bad! They would add a lot of it to the point that you couldn't enjoy the rest of the chicken. They might be good in different types of sandwiches, but not the spicey meals.