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Amman - Jabal Al-Weibdeh

Jabal Lweibdeh - Paris Roundabout
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8:30 ص - 1:30 ص
8:30 ص - 1:30 ص
8:30 ص - 1:30 ص
8:30 ص - 1:30 ص
8:30 ص - 1:30 ص
8:30 ص - 1:30 ص
8:30 ص - 1:30 ص
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  • Alcohol Free
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  • Free Wifi
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Reviews (10)

  • Review Kepi by Enas
    109 Reviews |  two years ago
    nice view also service and food are really good its a nice and good place to hang in webdh and its exactly on paris circle
  • Review Kepi by suhaida
    114 Reviews |  two years ago
    i like kepi , but lately its always crowded , i liked it better when its wasnt that much crowded the food is delicious and the staff are very friendly
  • Review Kepi by Raya
    23 Reviews |  3 years ago
    one of the best cafes in amman , cozy place
  • Review Kepi by suhaida
    114 Reviews |  3 years ago
    its has a great atmosphere , with delicious food and arbian sweets
  • Review Kepi by Mohammad
    11 Reviews |  4 years ago
    مكان جميل و راقي .. لكن اعتقد انه كان اجمل فيما سبق
  • Review Kepi by Jihad
    40 Reviews |  7 years ago
    زرت المكان مرة وحدة لأنه شفناه بالصدفة على زواية الشارع قريب من دوار باريس، القعدة لطيفة بس المشكلة لما يكون مسكر والجو معبا ريحة أرجيلة ودخان ساعتها تحس القعدة لازم تخلص ... الخدمة بطيئة ... ما شربت عندهم غير كابتشينو وما دقت أي شي فما بقدر احكم أنه زاكي أو لا...اذا تحبوا تغامروا بالأماكن مو غلط تمروا عليه وتشربوا شي ساخن عندهم
  • Review Kepi by Ghaith
    27 Reviews |  7 years ago
    I like kepi , i guess it has to do with me liking anyplace that has a different style and feeling to it. Super friendly staff and very good food. Draw backs for me are the smoking ( which sometimes can be unbearable ) but that's my own issue and the noise ( well it is webdeh and Paris circle so kinda come with the area). I definitely recommend.
  • Review Kepi by Muraad
    1 Reviews |  7 years ago
    Great place with an excellent service. Atmosphere is amazing, decorations are nice, but the only draw back is parking which may take sometime. Food is really good I've tried many items on the menu but my favorite so far is the beef enchiladas. Drinks are creative and good.
  • Review Kepi by Souz
    1 Reviews |  8 years ago
    I went to Kepi last week ,, and the place was awesome has a great atmosphere and the staff were so nice , the menu was really good with normal prices and the drinks were yummy ,, doesn't offer Alcoholic drinks I would go there again for sure !
  • Review Kepi by Abed
    6 Reviews |  8 years ago
    The best cafe in town. Great Hookah and great staff. You must try their Kepi Burger... It's fantabulous :D There are a lot of things in their menu. For a dessert go for the Tiramisu