Kababs and kurries
Kababs and kurries

Abu Dhabi - Al Markaziya

markaziyah/central souq
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Reviews (3)

  • Review Kababs and kurries by rosh
    46 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Good and new experience as we took a table in the area outside the restaurant.
    As we are vegaterian, we ordered veg food. A Paneer fudina kalimirch, a new dish, Which was good and different in test. Good service.
  • Review Kababs and kurries by S
    16 Reviews |  9 years ago
    The ambiance of this Indian restaurant was good (I took a table in the area outside the restaurant because it was too crowded inside). I was satisfied with the services. But I was not very impressed with the food. The food was not worth the price I paid neither did I like the taste. Parking is not an issue, the cars could be parked in The Souk parking lots and because the restaurant has an opening on the road, so there is parking available there as well. Overall I was okay with the restaurant, not something I would go back to I guess.
  • Review Kababs and kurries by Monica
    2 Reviews |  9 years ago
    I visited Kebabs & curries few days back, the restaurant has good ambiance & is relatively new.The food served is Indian & their specialty as the name reads is Kebabs. I am vegetarian & I was very happy to see they had lots of variety for vegetarian as well. The service I feel was not as great but I feel since it is a new outlet so the staff is also new. The souq has parking of its own so had no problem there. Overall I feel the place is worth a try if you really relish Indian food.