Kababji Jordan
Kababji Jordan

Amman - Macca St

In front of Marmara Hotel
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  • Valet
  • Alcohol Free
Data Points
  • Accept Credit Cards
  • Good for Meetings
General Features
  • Child Seat
  • Support KHCF Care Program
Internet Connection
  • Free Wifi
Meals Served
  • Brunch
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Background Music
Reservation/ Appointment
  • Reservation
  • No Reservation / Appointment
  • Outdoor Area
  • Indoor Area
  • Bar and Stools
Service Type
  • Delivery
  • Smoking Free

Reviews (83)

  • Review Kababji Jordan by Mustafa Arabas
    23 Reviews |  9 months ago
    جربت اكله دلفري، بصراحه كأنه الاكل معمول عندك. كثير طعمه لذيذ ومرتب. واسعاره مناسبه
  • Review Kababji Jordan by Ibrahem
    2 Reviews |  12 months ago
    The most delicious Grills in Amman
  • Review Kababji Jordan by AS Aqarbeh
    3 Reviews |  one year ago
    clean, meat, modern and tidy. a good breakfast with the family or friends would bring you the best of kababji's platters. launch is great too if you believe the weather is perfect to enjoy a list of Lebanese and Jordanian style food. In the evening its wonderful to enjoy a light meal on the terrace. taste everything, it feels home.
  • Review Kababji Jordan by Aya
    17 Reviews |  two years ago
    رحت عليه من جديد و كتير حبيت زينة و شجرة العيد الموجودة بالمطعم ، مكان كتير مرتب و نظيف و الموظفين كتير خدومين و محترمين ، المشاوي و الحمص ولا أروع ، و ورق العنب عنده كتير زاكي كمان ، الأكل تقدم بطريقة كتير حلوة و ما تأخر الطلب أبدا و حتى الأرجيلة كتير زاكية ، جد المطعم بجنن لقعدات العائلة و الأصحاب. كتير بنصح فيه
  • Review Kababji Jordan by Mohamad
    26 Reviews |  two years ago
    everything was more than great... taste of food is spectacular ... desserts are cool as well ... highly recommend their appetizers hookah is good as well and the service is amazing ... valet is also available. the only problem is their prices which are higher than their competitors ... i liked the idea of the donation with 0.5 JD for KHCC
  • Review Kababji Jordan by Rawan
    2 Reviews |  two years ago
    اكله طيب كتير وقعدته حلوه
  • Review Kababji Jordan by Nour
    10 Reviews |  two years ago
    شوي غالي بس نضيف وزاكي وقعدته حلوة
  • Review Kababji Jordan by Ala'a
    1 Reviews |  two years ago
    good and clean food, fast service and friendly welcoming
  • Review Kababji Jordan by sezaro hamdullah
    9 Reviews |  3 years ago
    من افضل المطاعم من حيث الطعم والخدمة والتعامل والنظافة بصراحة يستحق كل النجوم
  • Review Kababji Jordan by Mohammad
    6 Reviews |  3 years ago
    هذا الشئ خووورافي المشويات. روووعه. الشقف و الكباب انصح به بشده. و الويتر. اخلااااااق.