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  • Review Jordan Post by Celestius
    1 Reviews |  3 years ago
    My experiences for sending books and parcels from USA and Canada to Amman, Jordan is extremely negative. Half of the shipments never arrived at their destination (a university address). Magazines get stolen frequently until I asked the sender to pack them in non-transparent cover. Contacting them online is even worse. No response, no follow-up. Many times things get caught in customs or security for inspection, and there are no clearance services. People have to go to downtown and do the process themselves. There are no guarantees you can even get your book because some security officers might deem it unacceptable based on nothing but his preferences and ideology. Yet. worst of all, they never ever notify you that your parcel has arrived and they are held hostage for months while neither the receiver, sender or the post knows anything.
  • Review Jordan Post by بسمة
    1 Reviews |  4 years ago
    مكتب معان من 12 بيكون مسكرين ومروحين ولا يوجد رد على الهاتف
  • Review Jordan Post by Ahmad
    3 Reviews |  4 years ago
    Good morning Amman jfjnfdjfjjd
  • Review Jordan Post by Um Tariq
    1 Reviews |  4 years ago
    فعلا جربته باني شحنت عن طريقه لابني في كندا والحمد لله من البداية لغاية وصول الشحنه لابني كانت ممتازه والشكر لله وللبريد الاردني واني احيي جهودكم الله يقويكم رجاءا ردوا على التلفونات ما في حدا يرد
  • Review Jordan Post by Deep
    1 Reviews |  6 years ago
    I didn't really get the chance to use the service because when I booked for a pick up service, JP's website wrote that you would get a call the next business day, but it's been 3 business days, but i never got the call. i wanted to ship stuff for my buyers overseas but i think these services from JP are too good to be true. Nobody responds to your email as well. It's a shame because Postal service in our country is not like this. I was very surprised.
  • Review Jordan Post by Ahmad
    2 Reviews |  6 years ago
    well I tried many times to call them with no answer and thats killing you when u know after a while the line was busy while your calls went for nothing, plus the logo says Trust is our busniess and thats a lie, they dont have the full view about the post mail procedure and when u say a letter ckuld take 10 to 15 days maximum dont tell lies because we committed to others, in Europe it takes 2 days to deliver a post mail I do t ask for a 2 days all I ask u for is truth and to be more clear with customers....
  • Review Jordan Post by Neven
    4 Reviews |  7 years ago
    سيء جدا جدا لا احد يرد على الهاتف حتى لو أجابوا اسلوبهم غير جميل أنا انصح باستخدام الحمام الزاجل بدل هذا البريد
  • Review Jordan Post by فراس
    714 Reviews |  7 years ago
    مكتب كتير رائع وخدماتو كتير رائعة بس مشكلتي معهم انو دايما بدي صرافة لما روح عندهم خصوصا بعد الدوام خدمتهم ممتازة وفي مواقف للسيارات وبضلو فاتحين لل 4 العصر