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Reviews (9)

  • Review Jack and Jones by Suhaib
    8 Reviews |  3 years ago
    Jack and Jones is my favorite clothing shop, they have everything for everyone. The quality is very good.
  • Review Jack and Jones by Mohammad
    3 Reviews |  7 years ago
    هاد المحل كان كويس اول ما فتح...بالوقت الحالي الموظفين الموجودين للأسف ما بساعدو بالمرة وما بحبو يتعبو حالهم...شكيت كثير للبرانش مانجر انو كادركم الحالي دمر المحل وهو متأكد من هالحكي بس ما في اي أكشن
  • Review Jack and Jones by Laith
    81 Reviews |  8 years ago
    محل أكثر من رائع ، أكثر شي عجبني عنده هاد الموسم السويترات .. و بالنسبة لجودة الملابس أكيد نخب أول :) و عالية الجودة .. و غرف القياس مناسبة و فيه كثير أماكن للتعليق .. الموظفين محترمين ما بقصروا مع حدا اذا منحتاج مساعدة باللي يخص Size معين أو لون معين .. و بالنسبة لترتيب أماكن الملابس ، كثير ممتاز و بتعرف اللي بناسبك و اللي ما بناسبك ( حسب العمر و الطول و القياس ) . و بالنسبة للAccessories كثير حلوين بس مو كثار ـ بقصد أنه ما في ألوان أكثر . و بتشكرهم على خدماتهم و بتمنالهم التوفيق .
  • Review Jack and Jones by s
    10 Reviews |  8 years ago
    ITS AN AVERAGE PLACE FOR CLOTHES,FOR THE QUALITY ITS NOT THAT MUCH BECAUSE THE PRICE IS SO BAD.the clothes are very foolish,childish,instead of paying a lot of money for something childish,i can go to massimo dutti ot anywhere fancy that sells much better clothes,.the ratings: CLOTHES:5\10 QUALITY:6.5\10 PRICE:5.5\10 DECORATIONS:4.5\10 EMPLOYEES:7.5\10 OVERALL:6.5\10
  • Review Jack and Jones by Ahmad
    118 Reviews |  8 years ago
    To be honest I never go there and find something suit me , all the clothes their are really childish , and the prices are really expensive , it's not tommy or D&G , I wonder why it's that expensive , Ok the quality is fair but the prices are not . Their you help yourself by yourself , usually no one comes to give you a hand
  • Review Jack and Jones by Eimloo
    49 Reviews |  8 years ago
    i love jack&jones high quality and funny clothes in straight way , normal prices and customer service is good and i usually getting my cloths from there wide and enough fitting rooms for both genders and return policy is good i do advise my friends to buy form jack&jones
  • Review Jack and Jones by Ahmad
    4 Reviews |  9 years ago
    انا بحب تشتري من عندوا وقت الخصم بصراحه بكون اسعاروا صارت معقوله
    بالنسبه للبضاعتوا كتير مرتبه وراقيه و الكواليتي تبعها عالي وهناك الشباب لو بيداهم يبعوك الهواء ما بقصروا اسلوبهم كتير حلو موفقين
  • Review Jack and Jones by ديانا
    66 Reviews |  9 years ago
    this place never fail to satisfy me...i love everything about it..the clothers are well organized, if you are looking for something simple,chic and elegant this place is for you.. and unlike any other store in citymall..people who work there are actually interested in helping you not only selling you..they welcome and notice you . as for the dressing rooms , they are little rooms with curtains and you can always find an empty one even in sales season. prices are medium..not so high and also not cheap..but its worth it because the quality of the items is pretty good. and oh,they have pretty earrings too, very unique with limited qantity. so the chances for you to see someone wearing the same earring ur wearing are None. !
  • Review Jack and Jones by أسامة
    51 Reviews |  10 years ago
    برأيي عنده احسن جاكيتات و بليزرات سبور. أسعاره متوسطة و جودة الأواعي عنده منيحة.