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Intercoil International Co

Intercoil International Co

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Dubai - Jumeirah Beach Residence

"Ground Floor, Sadaf Sector, The Walk"

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  • Review Intercoil International Co by Deb
    21 Reviews |  9 years ago
    I have had the top of the range intercoil bed for 1 year. It is the WORST bed I have ever slept on. both the mattress and the pillow top have significant sagging. Intercoil has taken the pillow to 'repair' it. However it is clear that this company has NO quality control testing. I have spoken to several people who also own an intercoil mattress and they are also very DISAPPOINTED with the quality of their bed. I have lost all confidence in this company and do not believe that 'repairing' the pillow top will alter the quality of sleep I get on this mattress. I have requested my money back but was told NO. I also then requested to UPGRADE to a different mattress ,pay the difference and was also told NO. The only thing that they will do is 'repair' the pillow top. I will NEVER recommend Intecoil to anyone. The customer service which is directed by upper management is very inflexible and will ultimately lead to very disappointed customers. There is no way this LOCAL company can ever compete on the international market.