the cafe
Exterior elevation of Indoor Cafe with colorful brick, french windows, and antique lamps.
chicken cheese sandwich
chicken quesadilla
Red velvet cake, it looks better than it tastes
Loved the decorations
You can purchase your own mug
Indoor Cafe
Indoor Cafe
Review Indoor Cafe by Amani H
11 Reviews |  two years ago
delicious food , quiet place and suitable for studying , the designs and colours are nice and comfortable

Amman - Queen Rania Street - University St

Opposite to Jordan University
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  • Alcohol Free
Charging Fees
  • Minimum Order
Data Points
  • Accept Credit Cards
  • Good for Meetings
Internet Connection
  • Free Wifi
  • Smoking Free

Reviews (47)

  • Review Indoor Cafe by huh
    64 Reviews |  one year ago
    Fresh juice and delicious sandwiches!
  • Review Indoor Cafe by Rasha
    6 Reviews |  one year ago
    good place for work as long as u have your own internet connection I think that's the weakest point of this place , I also hate the fact that early in the morning it wouldn't be fully ready for setting there - you'd set at one section and it would seem like you're intruding or sth- aside from that it has very good design and music with a European vibe to it the seats near the street on the ground floor are perfect for reading
  • Review Indoor Cafe by Jumana
    2 Reviews |  two years ago
    Used to work on my graduation project there. Good place.
  • Review Indoor Cafe by Aya
    17 Reviews |  two years ago
    كمكان دراسة لا أنصح فيه أبدا لأنه مش هادي ولا مناسب لهيك أجواء، أما لطلعات الأصحاب و الزملاء فهو كتير منيح ، المكان ديكوره كتير حلو و أكله زاكي بصراحة
  • Review Indoor Cafe by Aya Alrez
    1 Reviews |  two years ago
    Great food , good coffee and a really nice atmosphere for studying and working
  • Review Indoor Cafe by Abdallah
    74 Reviews |  two years ago
    من المحلات الي بزورها بشكل متكرر قعدتو حلوه و شغل اجتماعات بس الاجواء مو هادية كثير، التعامل عندهم ممتاز و القهوة جيدة بنصح بزيارتهم
  • Review Indoor Cafe by Mohamad
    26 Reviews |  two years ago
    my many experiences were very bad in all ... 1- wifi is very very very bad 2- crew is very unfriendly 3- the atmosphere is not suitable for studying in any possible way, it's extremely noisy. 4- seats are not comfortable for studying or working the only positive point is the taste of their burgers and french fries otherwise it's horrible.
  • Review Indoor Cafe by Majd Shnaikat
    7 Reviews |  two years ago
    قعده هاديه ،صح في موسيقى بس عالاقل بتحجب صوت الشارع والازعاج ، الاكل زاكي المشروبات كمان، احسن مكان لقعده دراسه وتصفيه ذهن
  • Review Indoor Cafe by Amani H
    11 Reviews |  two years ago
    delicious food , quiet place and suitable for studying , the designs and colours are nice and comfortable
  • Review Indoor Cafe by هيا
    2 Reviews |  two years ago
    من برا هالا هالا ومن جوا يعلم الله .. بالبداية بجذبك الموقع الاستراتيجي قبال الجامعة الاردنية والديكور الخارجي والداخلي ورائحة القهوة والشكولاتة بس تفوت مكان نظيف ومرتب لاكن.. الكاشير مو منظمين ابدا ولا بساعدو الزبون شو يعمل بس يطلب ما بوضوحو الدفع قبل او بعد.. ما بوضوحو انو الواحد ياخد الوجبة معو ويروح ع مقعدو او يقعد والشي بيجي لعندو! اذا دفعت مسبقا ما بعطوك وصل وبعطوك الشوك والسكاكين وانت لسة واقف بتتفرج ع المنيو!!!!!! تخبط، ما في نظام، والمكان جدا فيه ازعاج وما فيه خصوصية على عكس توقعاتي تماما للاسف....