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Indian Tandoori Oven
Indian Tandoori Oven
Review Indian Tandoori Oven by Hamzah
16 Reviews |  7 years ago
Went to this place twice so far; once in Ramadan for the iftar and once in Eid for lunch. I think it's safe to say Amman finally has a "goooood" Indian restaurant for serious Indian food lovers who know the difference between good Indian and mediocre spicy food. The iftar buffet offered a limited selection of their menu, but the food left a really good impression that made me feel I can enthusiastically recommend this restaurant to family and friends (everyone who tried it based on my recommendation was happy), and also made me come back in less than a month. So, having said that, on to the food: 1- Chicken Tikka Masala (9/10): Excellent! Spicy, rich with flavors, great tasty white chicken. 2- Butter chicken (9/10): I don’t like butter chicken (I prefer Masala), but everyone who was with me and tried it said it was “excellent” and one of the best dishes we tried (we tried a lot, see the list). 3- Dum Ka Murgh (8/10): A great chicken curry dish. I liked it, but not as much as I liked the masala, and the butter chicken lovers also preferred that over it. Still, I’d eat it any day. 4- Mutter Mushroom (10/10): This is the dish EVERYONE loved! Green peas with mushroom in a delicious creamy and buttery sauce with strands of fresh ginger. A true delight. 5- Dal Makhani (9/10): I LOVE Dal Makhani, and Tandoori Oven do this dish great justice. They serve it in a small bucket (literally a bucket), and I recommend you order two for the table if you’re 6 or more people. Everyone should try this. 6- Kalmi Kabab (8/10): Chicken drumsticks cooked in their tandoor oven. This was awesome! Next time we go we’re going to order more from their grilled selection. 7- Chicken Tandoori (8/10): Half chicken cooked in their tandoor oven, very similar to the Kalmi Kabab. Also excellent. 8- Garlic Naan (10/10): Just the way good naan should be. I can’t believe how many Indian restaurants can’t get this right, but thankfully this is not a problem at this place. Excellent bread. 9- Rogan Josh (6.5/10): Unfortunately, I’ve found that beef or lamb dishes at ALL Indian restaurants in Amman are bad, and while the sauce in this dish wasn’t bad at Tandoori Oven, the meat wasn’t good. I really don’t know what it is that causes this problem in every Indian restaurant in Amman, but I’ve learned to only order chicken and vegetarian dishes. 10- Sikandari Raan (??/10): This is a leg of lamb cooked in the tandoor. Unfortunately, it takes 30 minutes to cook and we didn’t want to wait, so I don’t know how good it is, but if it’s anything like their tandoori chicken, it should be good, hoping that they can’t screw up the meat with a straight leg of lamb. So there you have it, that’s what we tried and as you can see it was pretty much all excellent. The only negative thing about this place was the service actually. We found ourselves too many times just waiting for a waiter to grace us with their presence, and I had to on more than a couple of occasions actually leave the table to go either ask someone to come by, correct an order, or bring us the check. And I’m sorry to say this, but some of the waitresses they’ve hired are really really “slow” if you know what I mean. So you have to really be on top of them. Finally, another good thing about this restaurant was the price point. When we ordered a la carte from the menu and were 9 adults, it came up to around JOD 14 per person, and we had eaten a lot.

Amman - Abdoun

Queen Zain Al sharaf Street - Behind Rawhi Pharmacy
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Reviews (38)

  • Review Indian Tandoori Oven by Dania
    38 Reviews |  3 years ago
    أكله كتير زاكي بس شوي أغلى من باقي مطاعم الأكل الهندي بس بستاهل. كتير مرتب وهادي ونظيف اكتر شي بحبه عندهم التندوري بالنعنع
  • Review Indian Tandoori Oven by Rima
    29 Reviews |  3 years ago
    Best Indian food served in Jordan. I encourage everyone to try the mAngo latte after food.
  • Review Indian Tandoori Oven by Firas
    55 Reviews |  3 years ago
    زرته بالأمس وزرته من قبل كثير خلال السنتين الماضيتين. المطعم هاديء, راقي, نظيف والطعام مذاقه ممتاز, حتى ضيوفي الهنود أشادو بأنه مذاق الأكل مشتبه تماما للمذاق الهندي في الهند. كمية الأكل بسيطة ولذيذة لكنه جدا غالي وهاد السبب اللي بخليني أعطيه 4 نجوم.
  • Review Indian Tandoori Oven by Dima Hamdan
    52 Reviews |  4 years ago
    it is a nice place, clean and calm! The service is excellent and the atmosphere all over is great! At first they bring the starters as sauces and Punjabi samosa (sambosak) .. Then the drinks we ordered lassi salted (shanina with mint)
  • Review Indian Tandoori Oven by وائل
    125 Reviews |  5 years ago
    نبلش شغله شغله اولا كقعده يعتبر من افضل المحلات الهنديه كقعده وجو بالنسبه للاكل للاسف بستقبلوك بخبز العدس بصراحه بدايه غير موفقه ابدا هذا الاشي وبالنسبه للاكل العادي الوجبات فهو جيد بس مش خرافي بالنسبه للخدمه بطيئه بس الموظفين لطفين بالنسبه للشغلات الثانيه هو مثلا ما بحط فاين على كل طاوله بحجه انه ممنوع لانه مطعم سياحي بس على الطلب وكمان اذا بدك تغسل فعلى الطابق الثاني الاكل كثير حار فمش كثير بعطيك مجال تدوق كل اشي بزكاوته الاسعار مرتفعه مقارنه بغيرو من المطاعم خبز النان ماشي حاله صحيح بالاخر بعد ما تخلص بحط شومر وسكر فضي وجوز الهند من شان تقيم اثار الحار والبصل والثومه الي اكلتهم
  • Review Indian Tandoori Oven by ‫ناجي علي‬‎
    6 Reviews |  5 years ago
    طعمه كثير حلو و الديكور انيق و غريب والموسيقى عباره عن اغاني هنديه قديمه اكله زاكي كثير وعجبتني طريه التقديم .السعر شوي غالي بس بيستاهل . و الموضفين مؤدبين ولطيفين بنصح محبي الأكل الهندي يروحوه لانوه من الذ المطاعم الهنديه الي رحتها . بصراحه عجبني كثير و اكيد رح اكرر الزياره .
  • Review Indian Tandoori Oven by Aya
    1 Reviews |  5 years ago
    اكل لذيذ بس الحلويات مو كتير بس هندي اصلي
  • Review Indian Tandoori Oven by Laila
    1 Reviews |  5 years ago
    تجربه رائعه ،اجواء جميله وخدمه ممتازة
  • Review Indian Tandoori Oven by Emad
    71 Reviews |  5 years ago
    Very nice decoration and atmosphere Food is delicious and the service was really good
  • Review Indian Tandoori Oven by Salem
    1 Reviews |  6 years ago
    I love the place and the food was so great