India Palace Restaurant
India Palace Restaurant

Dubai - Dubai Festival City

Shop # 45, Ground Floor, Trade Routes Building, Marina Walk, Al Rebat Street Festival City.
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Reviews (6)

  • Review India Palace Restaurant by Mohammed Hussein Abu Thabet
    1 Reviews |  6 years ago
    Very good and nice restaurant to visit in any time
  • Review India Palace Restaurant by Smitha
    10 Reviews |  9 years ago
    India Palace restaurant has a stunning interior with a feel good ambience. What I loved the most,is the authentic Indian food served in copper tableware! ah,that was a culinary delight !
    The food was exceptionally good,mild hot,their service were pleasing and upto the mark. I loved the chilli pickle,the pappadums and the dip,most of all,this was something unusual than the norm.I had a good view of the seafood being grilled from my seating,it was pretty good to observe that,not to forget it was incredibly alluring!! The only drawback in that area of Garhoud is the parking during evening times.We had our guests to dine with us,and they seemed impressed by the feast,and so were we satisfied for a good treat.
  • Review India Palace Restaurant by Rach
    12 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Real Delicious and Yummy food.... Love the ambiance..Biryani's are die for... Buffet lunch are amazing..... Paneer, Dal's, etc all are good.... good variety of choices...Go 4 it
  • Review India Palace Restaurant by Mike
    6 Reviews |  9 years ago
    great place, what i really like about is you can choose the level of spiciness . i always order the mid level. i love their Biryani its the best ever. try it with mutton .
  • Review India Palace Restaurant by farah
    26 Reviews |  9 years ago
    The decor is very well done for the restaurant and its an ideal place if you want to take guests who are on visit as they have a great buffet which caters to the taste of non asians as the spices are mildly used but the food is excellent even to the taste of people who enjoy spicy food like myself.
    The salad bar is a little dissapointing but the buffet makes up for this, the must try dishes are the beautifully spiced Biryani & mutton & Fish tikka, with delicious lentils & vegetables to suit everbody's taste . The Buffet has both veg and non veg dishes and delicious desserts to complete the meal like Gajar ka halwa & Kheer. The ambiance is friendly and the staff is attentive, the only draw back is the long walk to the restaurant and no proper signs to guide new customers. Parking space is no problem as its located at the Festival city and a must try if you want to take some guests for iftar buffet.
  • Review India Palace Restaurant by Ayesha
    3 Reviews |  9 years ago
    The ambiance is good. You can choose from Ala Carte' or buffet, whatever serves your appetite.
    We chose for ala carte' because we can't eat much. The menu has good variety to choose from. However, there are literally only 2 options to choose from for desserts. The food had good quantity. The appetizer that we ordered (tinka chicken) was delicious and I liked naming the chicken sticks DHINKA CHIKA. The food tasted good. Zafrani Kulfi was very good. The staff was very friendly. It has separate areas for people in hijab. At one corner, a person makes bangles right in front of u on coal and fire. An amazing sight. However, there is a lack of kids' area and a lack of directions to the restaurant. Overall, good food, good ambiance, good experience!