I Blu Entertainment Store
I Blu Entertainment Store

Amman - Dabouq

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  • Cash
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  • Wheelchair Accessible

Reviews (4)

  • Review I Blu Entertainment Store by Majeda
    12 Reviews |  7 years ago
    Amazing DVD shop since i live in dabooq i always buy DVD from them...amazing ppl also work there
  • Review I Blu Entertainment Store by Mousa
    1 Reviews |  8 years ago
    المحل كتير شيك ومرتب وتنسيقه بيسهل عليك اقتناء اختياراتك عنجد بنصح الكل يزوروه تشكيله منوعه ودائما هناك ما هو جديد والموظفين كتير فاهمنين وبيساعدوك بكل شياكه واذا ما لقيت طلبك بتترك رقمك و فور وصوله برنو عليك (مع العلم انو محال ما تلاقى طلبك ) اما عن المحل ديكورو بيوخد العقل كتير منسق اسعاره كتير منيحه وبعطوك بطاقه خصم مختومه بشعار المحل عنجد رااااااااااااائع
  • Review I Blu Entertainment Store by Laith
    34 Reviews |  8 years ago
    اسعاره رائعة لزبائنه.. الخدمة ممتازة... ولك الله يسعد ربه من محل!! عندو دي في دي وبلو راي ألعاب وأفلام، وعنده أدوات الكترونية، المحل ممتاز. وببدل الفيلم اللي مش شغال أو بعلق بعد بيوم على حد علمي. عندو تنوع كبير في الافلام.
  • Review I Blu Entertainment Store by ستينة
    75 Reviews |  8 years ago
    This place is amazing , for year now I used to go to Hammoded DVD since its the best, but after seeing this place I think is the place to go to for dvds . What I loved about it is who its organized , that you find all what you are looking for in front of you , DVD are displayed according to the most recent, and category . but the best section is the one for the biggest movies at all, the best of the best. where you can't leave the shop without getting a few of the greatest. second floor is for documentaries and other stuff. As for quality its really good and like most DVD places you buy 5 and get one for free , plus you get a card that will allow you to get more free DVDs with every visit.