Hey Sugar
Hey Sugar

Dubai - Mirdif

Emirates Road - City Centre - 1st Floor
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Reviews (2)

  • Review Hey Sugar by A
    44 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Been there for the first time on my birthday.Small bakery on first floor and I chose it because it was new place for me and I wanted to eat and cup cakes on my birthday rather BIG CAKE. One big cake is more den enough for 2 persons. I am fond of Cheese cakes and when I went there I wasnt sure that would they have Cheese Cup Cakes. We went into bakery and noticed its name has been changed to "Hey Sugar" .We kept looking here and there so we can find cheese cup cakes. And then behind the sales girl ..we found 2 :)
    One strawberry cheese cup cake and othe one was blueberry cheese cup cake. We ordered 2 and we asked her we will have them here at bakery. She placed both in the platters and gave it to us. But what 25 AED for one Cup Cake!!!!! its just tooooo much !!! and it was so heavy that after dinner you cant eat one whole cheese cup cake. but it was Yummmmmmy!! During that time I noticed mostly females like to be there with their kids in trolly duh there were few guys too who came to buy cup cakes...I luved their walls painted PINK and Green!! I recommend you to have cup cakes there but dont spent too much as 25 AED for one cheese cup cake is tooo much !
  • Review Hey Sugar by Deb
    21 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Have you ever looked a menu and thought, "I wish I could just have desert?". Sugar Daddy's is the place for you.
    There is great selection of different flavors. From red velvet to coffee or mint, there is so much to choose from. The cakes are soft and moist, the frosting is smooth and sweet. The staff are always happy and attentive. It's a lovely bright happy place to sit with the kids. One thing I have never seen before is a cup-cake-shake! yes, that's right a cupcake in a milkshake. Sounds bizarre? Well it is so so delicious. You have to taste it to believe it. Of all cup cake shops Sugar Daddy's is my choice every time.