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Haswa & Abadi Store
Review Haswa & Abadi Store by Nibal
49 Reviews |  9 years ago
one of the best BMW mechanics in Amman, these guys know what are they doing. i've been repairing my car here for more than a year.
the first time i've used their services when the breaks light came on my dashboard, i went to the shop and they told me that i need to replace the break pads and the breaking sensors, so he got me genuine BMW parts and replaced my break pads. the next time i visited this shop was because i had a problem with the water cycle system, when i walked into the shop, the owner managed to diagnose the problem only by hearing the sound of my engine, he told me that i need to replace my engine gasket and the engine water pump, and now my car works like a charm. Great shop for BMW owners, they always give me good advice about everything regarding my BMW. they are reasonably priced, much much more cheaper than Biyader Wadi el Sier Also this place do Range Rover Maintenance. When you go there ask for Hassan he is the owner.

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